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This Week @ 39 Serenity Place

Hi Everybody,   I had to take a week off after the Garage Sale!   Luckily, not  a lot to report now that we are headed in to the summer months.  Our garage sale was a bit lower than in years past.  We made $630. ( 30 is still outstanding).However we did not have any big items to sell so considering we were selling everything for a few bucks 630 is pretty good.  Thanks to everyone that helped out.  Lois J is still our Garage Sale Queen  getting those clothes in good shape and Melissa was a great Assistant.  In fact Melissa and Lois want to organize the Clothes  before our next sale  and Lori S. has offered to help.   Also thanks to Joe G. who helped out for three days moving bigger items  and selling stuff.  Willie M, Carol H Char B. and Delma W.  also pitched in to help so thanks to everyone.  We are still receiving items at the clubhouse so remind people to call us and we can meet them at the Old DMV for a drop off.  We appreciate all the donations!!  Our camping trips have been cancelled three week i a row due to the rain.  The one nice weekend with sun, we had the garage sale ! So we have reserved site 91 at Coles Creek June 30-July7  We should get some nice weather one of those days !!  We will have a cookout on the 4th and again on the weekend. Definite plans next week!  if you need a ride we can help  Just call us so we can make plans.  We also have a tent in case anyone wants to stay with us a few days.We do have a few people who said they are interested so again... call us today to make arrangements.  Thanks Carl C. for getting us some wood for the campfires!!   Last Sunday  we celebrated Jose's birthday after the 1 pm AA Mtg.  Thanks to Mike and Sarah M.  we had happy Birthday Puerto Rican Rice with Bean Soup on tops thanks to Delma W.  Darlene was back and made a delicious Rigatoni dish and also brought some really fresh bread!  Sue L tried to make Willie's  famous salad . It was just okay because unlike when Willie M. makes it  .... there was salad left over! Good try though !!   Mike made an enormous pan of rice  that was gone in an hour.  Lets hope he brings that dish again  We finished off the meal with Birthday Cake  and no candles!  Jose still blew out the imaginary candles! and yes we are still working on the ice cream. We are down to two containers!! (We have two months to go before Steve A. returns.)  Looks like we will have to rely on Carol H for one of her famous desserts.  Maybe Dusty R. will show up with doughnuts!  Right after we cleaned up Bob M walked in for something to eat... just like home.  There was a card game that lasted until the Veterans Mtg.   By the Way welcome Back Jim R. and Eddie S.   Jim has volunteered to speak while he is in the area.  He said he wanted a big crowd  because he wanted to talk about humility!!  Hysterical Jim.   Kenny B is still laughing about it.  Last week before Willie M. ,Delma W ,and Melissa made the Sunday dinner which was our first cookout.  It was really hot that day so thanks for cooking in a hot kitchen and on the grill.  The food was delicious.  Thanks Lois J for the Salad.  Carol H and Sue L represented the Clubhouse at the Methodist Church celebration Dinner earlier in the day and came back with lots of desserts for everyone . It goes without saying those were gone in five minutes!!  There was no card game that day...  thanks to everyone for helping clean up and to Bob F. who continues to buy food for the Sunday Dinners.  Don't forget about the Womens Mtg tonight ( Thursday at 6pm)  last week 8 people showed up for the first mtg. and Sarah M was very pleased. there is also a Mens Mtg that is gaining momentum on Thursday at 6pm as well . One group meets in the upstairs meting room.   The Monday Night NA Mtg at 7 pm is also starting to pick up but could use a little support. This meeting is upstairs and the Al-Anon Meeting is downstairs.   For a complete listing of our meetings... visit our website.   If you can't remember what it is refer to your wristband... if you don't have a wristband... get one right away!! We also will be starting Narcan Training in the near future.  The narcan packets have been delivered and Dr. B.  will do the training.  Watch for flyers next week. We are on hold for the tap dancing and art class.  We just can't seem to get these two events off the ground.  Will try again at the end of summer.  So that is it for now. It has been a slow couple of weeks ..  ...   but there will still be more next week ! 

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