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This Week@39 Serenity Place

Hi Everybody,

Its December ...... Looking for John F. to decorate the outside of the clubhouse. Last year Delma W. helped him, I wonder who we can get this year? We are also still looking for someone to shovel the front steps when it snows... Who wants to volunteer ? Lots to report this week... it starting to get busy !

This Sunday December 4 , dinner will be served after the 1 pm AA Mtg. Heidi A. has volunteered to cook and is making Taco Pasta Bake . Sounds delicious. Willie M. will bring his awesome and Sue L. is bringing the rolls. We still have Ice cream ( thanks to Ice Cream Steve) but Stacy will bring a sweet treat... After the Mtg. Michelle P and others will decorate for the holidays and I am sure there will be a card game.

Last week, Char B and Sue L made turkey soup for dinner after the mtg. We had a smaller crowd after the big Thanksgiving feast and we still managed to eat all the soup and rolls. We had so much dessert from the Thanksgiving we put out what was left on Sunday and that too disappeared. Thanks Lois J for bringing the brownies. The big news... there was not a card game. I think everyone was tired out and Gaetan was not around to organize the game so we called it an early day and closed up.

Thanksgiving Day was a huge success. To our surprise 40 people came for dinner. (we also served ten take outs) We were packed in like sardines and no one seemed to care. We kept setting up extra tables and somehow everyone found a place to eat. Well except for Darcy and Adam F. who ended eating on the stairs. Everyone contributed to the dinner and the food was plentiful. Thank-you to our Alpha friends who donated so much food . The entire dessert table was sponsored by alpha participants: Thanks Grace B, Nancy B, and Arlene B . Everyone enjoyed the homemade pies and cakes We also had the biggest Charcuturie Board I have ever seen. I was sure we would have leftovers but one hour after setting that board out , the food disappeared and people still had room for dinner. Thanks Carol W. we sure did enjoy it. Arlene B also brought a cooked turkey with gravy and stuffing. Sue L and Willie also cooked Turkeys and stuffing and mashed potatoes and Char B and Danny L. made the gravy. Sara M & Mike R brought a Puerto Rican dish that Andrew loved, Michelle P and Char B brought green bean casserole, Nick L brought mac & cheese and Tina brought a fruit salad as well as Rebecca. Oh and Delma W and Geisla H brought the deviled eggs. A big thankyou to Darcy & Adam F who purchased all the beverages ( water and soda) . If I forgot someone ... thankyou. Naturally there was a card game that got so loud we moved them into the Mtg rm. Michelle P and started the annual Becki B game and did a great job. Thanks Char B. for acting as the MC. That pink box sure did get a lot of attention. Clean up was great. Darcy and Adam F. handled the first clean up shift, followed by Char B and Delma W. and finished with Eric F. Eric was a machine ... he took out all the garbage, vacuumed and washed the remaining dishes. At the end of the day you would not have believed we had such a big event, the place was spotless. It was great to see Charlie C., Fr. Mark, Cuza G. , Peggy W. Rebecca and her girls, Jeremy P.,& Sara M's family. By the way, a big thanks to Peter for serving up all the to go plates . Sheldon was sure glad you did. He stopped in after work and we had one dinner left !

The week before we celebrated Al & Jackie H. Anniversaries. Thanks to so many people for coming out to support Al & Jackie. Kenny B ordered some beautiful coins to mark the 39 & 40 years. Heidi A. made a huge pan of mac and cheese and Karen M brought over a variety of food to go with it. Stacy made made the cake and yes there was ice cream. It was nice to see Ann and Chas, Tom S., and newcomer Tim. Keep coming back it is great to see so many new faces. Also big thanks to Nick L for cleaning up the kitchen and serving room. It was clean as a whistle when we left. Sue L delivered the takeout to some of our older members and when she returned the card game was finally over! Gaetan R., Danny L, Andrew and Pam B had quite a game going.

Ok so enough of food reporting.... Tina and Tim brought down all the holiday decorations from the attic. Big Thank-you. Michelle P is coordinating the decorating this week. Drop by and help her out. Char B. sanitized and cleaned the entire refrigerator. Lets try and keep it clean. It really was ... well disgusting. Delma W. changed all the bulbs in the meeting room and it is much brighter. Lois J is plugging away at organizing the store And Darcy F. has made some wonderful changes to our mtg list as well as the brochure. Have you seen the Smile Amazon post . Let Sue L know if you missed it and she can text it to you. Thanks to everyone for your dedication and commitment to the clubhouse. Also, thanks for the donation Kathleen M.

We were invited to St. Johns Church for the Hanging of the greens service. Pam B, Sue L, Sara M and Char B all attended and enjoyed getting to know some of the parish members after the service. Thankyou for the invitation . Afterwards we all went out for breakfast. (could someone help us top eating at every event!!)

We hope to make ornaments with Char again this year. We have so many plans but everything is on hold for the month of December . Keep watching for details .. If you haven't heard Gaetan R. hurt is foot on Thanksgiving day and is out of commission( 3rd degree burns) and Bob F. has been very sick the last three weeks. We hope you are both up and around soon.

Finally our condolences to Ashli B.'s family. Our prayers and thoughts are with each of you.

More next week......

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