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This Week@39 Serenity Place

Hi Everybody,

Its December ...... Looking for John F. to decorate the outside of the clubhouse. Last year Delma W. helped him, I wonder who we can get this year? We are also still looking for someone to shovel the front steps when it snows... Who wants to volunteer ? Lots to report this week... it starting to get busy !

This Sunday December 4 , dinner will be served after the 1 pm AA Mtg. Heidi A. has volunteered to cook and is making Taco Pasta Bake . Sounds delicious. Willie M. will bring his awesome and Sue L. is bringing the rolls. We still have Ice cream ( thanks to Ice Cream Steve) but Stacy will bring a sweet treat... After the Mtg. Michelle P and others will decorate for the holidays and I am sure there will be a card game.

Last week, Char B and Sue L made turkey soup for dinner after the mtg. We had a smaller crowd after the big Thanksgiving feast and we still managed to eat all the soup and rolls. We had so much dessert from the Thanksgiving we put out what was left on Sunday and that too disappeared. Thanks Lois J for bringing the brownies. The big news... there was not a card game. I think everyone was tired out and Gaetan was not around to organize the game so we called it an early day and closed up.