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This Week@39 Serenity Place

Hi Everybody,

Its that time again.... Hope everyone is enjoying a nice week of sunshine because next week there is a possibility of snow..... That's right John F. soon you will be shoveling snow.

Exciting News!! On November 20 Jackie and Al H. are celebrating their Anniversaries at the Clubhouse at the 1 pm AA meeting . Al is celebrating 40 years and Jackie is celebrating 39 years. (it could be the other way around) Jackie and Sue L are finalizing dinner plans today and there may be a speaker... stay tuned. Thanks for celebrating at the Clubhouse. It is great for the Newcomers to be a part of this.

This Sunday November 13 after the 1 pm AA Mtg. we are serving Sue L's Pea Soup, Darcy F.'s Potato, Bacon and Corn Chowder, Willie M.'s Famous salad and Cold Cut Sandwiches for lunch . Does anyone want to bring the cold cuts or bread? Tina is making brownies and of course Ice Cream Steve will bring... yes the ice cream . Gaeton R. and Danny L will be playing cards with whoever will play with them.. probably new recruit Andrew... Delma W. just donated adult coloring books so we have a drawer full of them, we just found yarn in the attic so a few people have started crocheting, and of course we can find a movie on Netflix or Hulu. So hang around . If none of those activities interest you ,you can always help us clean up stairs... I am sure Lois J and Michelle P can put you to work in the store.

On Saturday November 12 we are recruiting people to help clean the Episcopal Church on Main St. That starts at 12:30 . So far Andrew, Jenn, Char B. have volunteered. We need about 7 more people. Who else would like to help pay it forward? Contact Sue L right away.

Wednesday, November 9 the Alpha Group donated their left over subs, salad and brownies to the Clubhouse and the Noon group enjoyed a nice meal. So we got thinking maybe a lunch once a week could be a new activity. Danny and Sue L will provide the first lunch and we will go from there if there is an interest. Let us know if you are interested .

Last Sunday Sue L made Chili, Delma W made cornbread, Darcy F., made Buffalo Chicken dip(that was a fan favorite) and a salad.

We did serve pumpkin roll and ice cream for desert. Yes there was a card game and yes Gaeton R and Danny L recruited Andrew again, and Char B. Angie D. was not going to stay for dinner but in the end the food looked so good she stayed!! Was it good Angie? Nice to see you Bob M. Adam F. & Delma W., helped clean up thank-you . Delma W. was disappointed she missed out on the Buffalo Chicken dip... we will remember next time Dema if there is any left that is..

Thanksgiving Day Dinner plans are underway. If you would like to join us we will be serving Dinner at 2pm on Thanksgiving Day . There will be a game , maybe a movie, cards etc. So even if you don't come for dinner stop by we will be there! We are already receiving donations. Thanks to Darcy F.'s mother and Arlene who each donated a turkey, Sue & Danny L will bring the potatoes, stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce and carrots, Darcy F. is bringing extra water and or soda, Char is making Green bean casserole and Michelle P & Nick L. are bringing Mac & Cheese. Anyone want to bring apple or pumpkin pie? Please let us know what or if you can bring anything. By the way, we have also received two donations to help defray expenses. Thankyou. Next week will send out a detailed list of Thanksgiving Day plans.

Thankyou to Ruthann M for her donations last week and Thanksgiving Day supplies this week. One of our members (who wishes not to be named) donated one hundred dollars and also cleaning supplies for the kitchen. Also, we just discovered Adam F. is an Artist and he has volunteered to make a sign for the Clubhouse. (Ours blew away in a wind storm and we have been without one ever since.)

Thanks Adam. And, we will try and get Char to hold Ornaments with Char B. again this year. It was a hit last year and requested again by the people who attended.

We were contacted about a food drive for Homeless Youth Awareness Month, at Horizons Youth Club in Massena . We will be delivering non perishable foods to their clubhouse on Mondays for the next couple weeks so if you have extra non perishables hanging around bring them in for our donation. Thanks everyone.

More next week... especially all of our holiday plans from now until the end of the year.

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