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This Week @ 39 Serenity Place

Hi Everybody,

Its been another two weeks so lots to report on what happened, what it was like and what we have planned and now that the weather is nice people are starting to venture out and join in the activities. Its great!

This Sunday April 3, Char B. and Pam B. planned dinner after the 1pm AA Meeting. We will be serving Hamburgers and Hotdogs and and salads. Sue L is bringing the baked beans, Willie M. his awesome salad and we are looking for people to bring a dish to pass, or chips or dessert . Of course we will be cooking the hotdogs in the Steamer Jim R. donated to the clubhouse. Let us know if you can bring something!! Then I am sure a few card games will follow as it is the last practice weekend before the Pitch Tournament!

Earlier in the week Willie M. and Michelle P. and cleaned the clubhouse. Willie is really keeping the carpets and kitchen floor clean. We are also sanitizing after each meeting and asking everyone to still wear a mask . We would like to keep the clubhouse safe for everyone and appreciate everyone's willingness to continue wearing masks. If anyone would like to volunteer cleaning the clubhouse on any week... please do!

Sunday April 10 is the Pitch Tournament we have all been talking about. We would really like two more players so call us if you want to play. So far we have ten people signed up to play. We would also like to bring back Saturday Movie day if anyone is interested. Also planned for the first week in May, Darcy and her sister are planning a Cricut Class and teaching people how to make decals. Four people have signed up and there is room for two more. Call Sue L if you are interested.

Last Sunday Darcy and Adam F. made a great dinner that everyone is still talking about. They cooked pulled pork sandwiches and jambalaya , Willie M. made his awesome salad and Sue L brought goulash. Delma W made a great chocolate and cream cheese cake and Char B. made strawberry shortcake!! We had a smaller crowd than usual so we took home leftovers and delivered a few meals too. As usual Ice Cream Steve is restocking the ice cream as he is soon to become Sailor Steve in a few weeks. we were missing Gaeton R. but managed to have a card game anyway. David D. has become a regular at the table as well as Pam B. Welcome to newcomer Pat. By the way, Thank-you to Darcy for cleaning up the kitchen. Who brought the Mallow Cups. Two big packages... Thanks

The week before we celebrated Darcy F.s One year Anniversary and Willie M.'s 70th Birthday. Willie M made a great Southern Fried Chicken meal that was scarfed up in a flash. Delma W. made another cake for dessert and we cleaned up the ice cream!! It was really nice to see a few new faces. Welcome Brent C. , Gerry, and Natalie. Willie also cleaned up the kitchen after the meal. There was a card game of course. Sorry we never sang Happy Birthday Willie... we meant too

We were able to pay back Ice Cream Steve in Maple Syrup jars we found in the attic. Maybe when Steve finishes making his maple syrup we can call him Ice Cream and Maple Syrup Steve. Then we can plan a Pancake Breakfast for our next fundraiser.... sometime in May. We received a $50.00 donation from Jim R. Thanks Jim It is much appreciated. We are also slowly selling items in the store and will be replenishing items soon.

There will be an Easter dinner and are wondering how many people are interested. As usual , if the crowd is too big we will change locations and of course there will be a Easter Egg Hunt.

Finally we are still selling basket tickets and will draw the winners on April 10. Consider purchasing tickets as a donation for the clubhouse. The baskets are still on display in the Clubhouse and we have measured Darcy F.'s long arm in advance. Tickets cost: $5.00 for 3 and $10.00 for an arms length! Thanks to everyone who has already purchased tickets.

More next week.

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