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This Week @ 39 Serenity Place

Hi Everybody, 

This Saturday May 18 at 3pm we are  holding our Celebration of Life for Jason W.   Jason's family will be in attendance so it would be nice for people to drop in  for a minute! Thanks to Carl C.  we will be eating a Turkey and Ham and  Heidi A. is cooking so you know what that means... great food!! Hope to see many of you there.  By the way if you can, stop buy the Library to find Jason's Painting in the Show.  (Danny L's too!!)  

There will be a Sunday dinner after the 1pm AA Meeting May 19 . We are thinking leftovers and bring a dish to pass ! Either way there is plenty of ice cream and toppings  leftover so  Its an Ice Cream Sundae Day again!!! See you there!  Maybe the Veterans Meeting will pick up once they learn its leftover night at the Clubhouse every Sunday!

Last week was pretty hectic with all the Mothers Day preparation. First,Congratulations to all the Mothers Day Raffle winners.  Lois J. Mary A., John., Darlene, Angela M. and Clyde all won a basket.  This fundraiser earned us another $200.00. Thanks to all the donations from everyone and special thanks to Rebecca T.spearheading and organizing the event.   Mary A. was so excited it took her less than twenty minutes to pick up her winning basket. It was nice to see Lois J. win as she does so much for the house and Darlene commented that she never wins anything so happy so won as well.   Even John and Clyde were happy to win.    Angela too.   That was Saturday. 

On Sunday after the 1 pm AA Mtg we had a fantastic dinner thanks to Heidi A. the cook and Bob F.  who purchased the meat . We had a nice crowd . The food was so good a lot of it was gone in an hour.!! We think people ate up fast because they really wanted to get at the Ice Cream Sundaes.   Thanks to the  person

( who wants to remain anonymous) for  donating the ice cream and all the fixings!!  The new scoops are fantastic. Every time Sue L. wanted to put the ice cream away she was told to wait. People had two and three helpings !! No wonder a little moaning and groaning could be heard after the third helping. Even the Two diabetics indulged insisting they saved up to have a little dish.  Luckily we had a few nurses on hand just in case .  Thanks Carol H.   Later that night the Veterans  Mtg members  had ice cream sundaes too . Not a bad deal. They  get all the left overs and desserts after our Sunday dinners. Naturally there was a card game and lots of socialization.  Jose and Lois picked up the Recovery Room as the shelf fell off the wall. It was a big process as there were a lot of broken items and clothes all over the floor so thanks for tackling that big job.  I guess too many books were on the shelf!!  Lesson learned.  Thankfully Carl C. fixed the shelving and we are good to go.  By the Way it was great to see John F in person.  Of course we knew he wold be there for the ice cream sundae!!

Next Weekend is the Annual Memorial Day Camping TripMay 23-28  We have one tent left for someone to use.  Just contact Sue L. or Delma W.   Come the whole time or any day or for a few days,  We are camping at Robert Moses Campground in Massena  sites 5 & 6  We are are off the beaten path and will not be near any of the hollering and drinking that typically goes on that weekend.  There will be a cookout and campfire meeting one of those nights ! 

The following Sunday June 2 Mary A is celebrating 2 years at the 1 pm Sunday Meeting. Consider coming out to support Mary's achievement.  More on that next week.  Congratulations Mary 

Sue B.  has become a valuable resource person attending many  meetings and putting us in touch with all sorts of people who can be of service to the Clubhouse members. .  Melissa our  Resource person will  meet with people who need help navigating housing, insurance and other issues.  Darcy F. will meet with people to write resumes and cover letters and Sue L. is working on a transportation service for Clubhouse Meetings . Finally  Brandi A. and Melissa continue to clean the clubhouse which is the biggest service of all as far as Sue L is concerned.

Don't forget to check out our Website.  We have been passing out wristbands with the web address to help people remember  and to promote your clubhouse.  If you want to help us distribute the wristband, contact Sue L.   We also have Guest Wifi now so your kids can access  it while you are in a meeting.  Naturally we do have TVs ...  

More next week. 

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