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This Week @ 39 Serenity Place

Hi Everybody, 

 I hope everyone is having a good week now that the sun is finally shining! As promised there is a lot to report ....   Are you ready John F. 

The  Mothers Day Drawing is this Saturday!  There is still time to stop in and get your tickets . $5.00 for ten tickets and six gifts to select from.  Stop in to see how nice  these gifts are.  Jewelry, purses, a basket of books etc..  It is worth your while to take a chance and if you don't win you have made a nice donation to the clubhouse... so its a win win.  Thank you to all of the people who donated gifts for this fundraising event and to Rebecca T for organizing and getting it going..  Also to Lois J. for diligently selling the tickets when she is at the Clubhouse. 

The other big news is  that this Sunday May 12 we received another anonymous donation for an Mother Day Ice Cream Sundae Event.   So, after the 1 pm AAMeeting and  following the dinner... We will be serving Ice Cream Sundaes with all the toppings.   Even if you don't attend the meeting or eat dinner with us... stop in and enjoy a sweet treat. This is a last minute event so spread the word !  If it is nice out Sunday we may have a cookout, now  that Jose and Willie Mbrought all the chairs and umbrella outside for us. Thanks.  Heidi A.  will be cooking again so you can be sure the food will be delicious.  

On Saturday May 18 we will be holding a Celebration of Life for Jason WHeidi A. has volunteered to cook  and Carl C. has donated a turkey and ham . Jason's  family  will be there. We are hoping many of you can clear your calendars  for a few hours as we say goodbye to our friend.  By the Way Jason's paintingis on display at the Massena Public Library Art Show.   You might want to look around for Danny L.'s painting as well !!

The purple Clubhouse Wrist Bands have arrived and we are passing them to remind people to check out our website and sign up to keep on top of all the changes activities and meetings going on at the clubhouse.  Thanks John B. for maintaining  this website and making changes for those of us who need simplicity.  Activity at the Clubhouse is really picking up so make sure you sign up !!

Suzanne W. and Heidi A. want to plan a few activities for the clubhouse.   So if there are things you would like to do be sure to let us know.  Sue Ann W.  volunteered to set up a tap dancing class and so far 6 people are interested.  She assures us she can teach anyone to tap dance so lets hope we don't prove her wrong!!  The Recovery Store is also coming along nicely. Thanks Becki B. , Lois J and Diane G.  Last week we made another $15.00 and people were able to get some things they needed.  Another  win win  !!

This past Tuesday Brandi A and Melissa cleaned the clubhouse from head to toe and have volunteered to do that every week.  Thanks.  Sue L is grateful for the break .  Brandi told us she wants to give back to the clubhouse for helping her out.  Thanks to her sponsor for suggesting that and to Brandi for following through. Melissa was also happy to help . Stop in and see these guys on Tuesdays... maybe they will put you to work!!  

Last Sunday Back to Basics wrapped up . Thanks to all who attended and thanks to Kenny B. and Becki B.  for leading the group. Heidi A.  spent the morning cooking and made  a great dinner . Her homemade soup was so good people were asking for to go containers.  Darlene  was bask with her weekly contribution and this week brought in homemade goulosh.  Danny L.  asked Carol H. to make  dessert and she obliged with a brownie

delight and ice cream.   Thankfully because Steve A. is now on the sailboat for the summer.  Welcome to newcomer Lindsey who spent the day with us 

 and welcome back Char B.  so nice to see you.   Gaetan was not around so Char sat in and played cards with Carol, Danny L. and Willie M.  A little later John S. showed up and we all got to see pictures of his horses. We discussed taking a road trip to the farm sometime soon ... after it dries up a bit.  Another activity to look forward too . 

Last Saturday Gaetan, Danny l, Carol H.  and Dusty R. played cards at the clubhouse all afternoon. It was so nice to see Dusty R.  Hope he comes back with his doughnuts some day !!   Carol said it was a nice quiet day for the serious card player !!  No distractions . So if that is how you like to play cards .. talk to Danny L.  They are always looking for new card players. 

Finally the Memorial Weekend Camping Trip is still on.  Hope you consider coming out for dinner and campfire speaker.  If you would like to speak let us know.   If you want to borrow tents we have those too. 

More next week......  


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