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This Week @ 39 Serenity Place

Hi Everybody, 

The Clubhouse is slowly building in meetings for its members while social distancing and following all Covid 19 guidelines. Thank-you everybody for cooperating and accepting all the guidelines we have put in place.   

AA Meeting Tuesday Nights at 7 PM 

Al-Anon Mtg Wednesday Nights 7 PM (Starts Sept.10) 

AA Mtg  Sunday 1 PM  Barnhardt Beach (Sunday September 6)

Clubhouse Guideline Review: 

Please wear a mask at all times. Your temp will be taken at the door and then you will asked to wash your hands,complete a quick questionaire and sign in for(contract tracing) . Keurig coffee and water is available. Please use the hand sanitizer after touching any buttons. All of the chairs have been spaced 6 ft apart and tables are placed in between the chairs.   The rooms , literature and and bathrooms will be sanitized in between meetings.  It sounds like a lot but it went very smoothly and quickly at the last Tuesday night meeting.   The Sunday Meeting is outside and therefore much easier.  Please wear a mask and  bring your own chair.  Chairs still have to be six feet apart.  We eat directly after the meeting and gloves and sanitizer are located at the food table. Please wear gloves while handling the food and continue spacing at the food table . We have been hosting the picnics for the past month and everyone seems to enjoy meeting outside . Make sure to check the weather as last Sunday was a little chilly.   

 Last week we held a picnic after the online meeting thanks to Char B. .Sunday morning we contacted everyone and decided to make it simple..... so Sue L and Char B.  ordered pizza!   Laurel R & Lois J.  brought the water and Tangie brought the chips.  We always need a pretty big place to social distance with our lawn chairs but we  mange to find a spot. This time we had to find a spot big enough and still have sun . So we ended up next to the parking lot but no-one seemed to care. Michelle P. and Lois J went done to the beach and claim the water is still warm if you dare to  go swimming.   It was great to see Charlie G. and , Mike R. and Sara M. and Doug K. . The week before we also had a picnic and a meeting at the Beach. It was a beautiful day and we stayed for almost four hours.  Darlene N made the subs and Sue L and a few others filled in with salads and chips and watermelon.  Always more than enough food.   We finished the day with a Birthday cake we had for Josh S.  He never made it so we sang to him anyway and ate the cake. That week  it was good to see Carl C. , Kathleen M. and  Gaeton. R.   Join us this week if you can.... Becki B. might bring one her games. ... you never know. 

Due to scheduling  conflicts  and a lot of illness we have yet to plan the garage sale aka  Fabulous Fall Finds  but hope to have that ready in a near future. Danny L and Bill D. are working on a modified version of the Golf Tournament.  Details to follow.   Our goal is to continue raising money  to pay the rent until we can resume to normal . We have had many wonderful donations in the last six months that have helped but we have to keep up the effort.  If you want to donate any money to help out, you too would receive a Thank-you from the Clubhouse!  How could you resist that !   

Finally some of our members have been ill in the last few months.  We wish Gary M. , Willie M., and Danny L. well.  That does not exclude people who have other illnesses  so  if you want to be on the aches and pains list let Sue L know....  I guess there are some draw backs to getting

More next week .... stay safe

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