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This Week @ 39 Serenity Place

HI Everybody, 

No update on our opening yet but the Board will be meeting the first week in August so expect an update then!   In the meantime , this Sunday August 2 Delma W. will be celebrating 42 years, Lois J 11 years and Willie M  10 years at the 1 pm Clubhouse Meeting on GOTO MTG APP:   the number to get on is 856476517.   

Some of us will be going to Barnhardt Beach for a picnic afterwards.  Bring a chair, your own beverage and a dish to pass.  We will have burgers, hot dogs and pulled pork.  We usually get there around 2:30-3:00 pm. and will be to the right of the buildings under the trees. Hope to see everyone there.  By the Way we still have sunglasses left if anyone needs any let Sue L know.  and remember wear your mask. We will be social distancing.  Plates , utensils and gloves will be provided at the food area. There will also be hand sanitizer available. 

We have been receiving donations from members and we want to thank everyone who is helping us keep the Clubhouse going. As you know last week we received two huge boxes of supplies from a former Massena Resident in memory of her Uncle who was in the program.  Thanks Stephanie G..  Every penny helps these days so if you have spare change send it our way !!  Thanks to John B who has coordinated the donation process. If you need more information check out our website for easy instructions. 

Eventually we are going to have to clean up the Clubhouse inside and out. No-one has been there since the beginning of March so you can imagine what work is involved.  As soon as we get the green light we will set up a cleaning schedule( since we can not go in as a group)  and will be looking for volunteers to help out.  

Remember if you need help call our Clubhouse Telephone which is still open (315-250-7410 )We are still getting calls from people who want to get sober but very few are using the phone .  Also there is a new meeting  called Patti Place! on Saturdays at 10 am.  The address is 30 Lawrence Rd. Lisbon, NY .  If you need a ride  from the Massena area call Sue L  

More in a couple of Weeks!!

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