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This Week @ 39 Serenity Place

  1. Hi Everybody, This week has been a crazy week .... maybe its was  the full moon.....or Friday the 13th ........ or anything else ....We can survive this if we remember to stay in out own lane!! Good Luck everybody !!~ Another slow week but that is okay given the Coronavirus 19 scare. We are sanitizing the clubhouse daily.  Thanks to Chad W. , Dante , Michelle P. and Sue L.  We now have gloves gloves to clean in case anyone wants to volunteer .  Before and after every meeting or gathering we are cleaning surfaces, bathrooms, etc. Again if you are sick stay home and if you visit the clubhouse we have plenty of soap!! We will keep you posted if anything changes at the clubhouse. This Sunday March 15  we are having Corned Beef and Cabbage , Carrots and Potatoes after the 1 pm AA Meeting.  Fitting for St Patrick's  I think. All of the food will be cooked at our homes for safety purposes.Thanks Bob F for supplying the meat again this week. By the way, if you see Willie M on the 17th  wish him a Happy Birthday . I also think John B.s Anniversary is coming up .. How many years John? Last week we celebrated Danny L's 19th Anniversary at the Sunday afternoon Meeting.  Cuza spoke and took us through the steps as he learned and applied them to his life.  Thanks Cu  it was a wonderful talk.  'Also thanks to to the 35 people who came out to support Danny L. It was a great turn out and so nice to see some of the old timers . We celebrate with a Roast Beef dinner. Thank-you Bob F for supplying the meat and Josh S. for cooking .  Also thanks to Michelle P for cooking the mashed potatoes and Darlene N for bringing chicken , potatoes and carrots.  Lois J made some delicious brownies and a salad that was gone in a flash.  And we can't forget Karen M. who brought spaghetti and salad. We had so much food  ...  then cake and ice cream  thanks to Ice Cream Steve. The usual crowd of Danny L Gaeton R ,Carol H, Char B,  Bob M and Chad W. played cards at some point in the day.  Lois  J did some crafts, Mike R. watched sports and the day just flew by. Michelle P., Darlene N and Sue L cleaned the kitchen and Chad W. took care of the garbage.  Thanks everybody. On Saturday March 14  at 2 pm. we will be watching the movie What we Lost in the Fire. We will have the usual pizza and popcorn and soda. Although Michelle P and Danny L want  make lemonade!! Lets see if we have any takers.  the last two weeks Michelle P has cooked the pizza and its been She is going to do it again this week .Stop in to try a slice of what you have been missing. Last week we watched  Anonymous People. It was a good movie and brought up a variety of topics for the group to banter around.  We are not sure how much longer we will be showing movies with the warm weather around the corner.  If you have never been stop in! Don't forget we are invited to St Johns Church on Saturday  April 25 for a Spaghetti Dinner. Details to follow on that in a few weeks. Michelle P and Sue L have been attending the Lenten Luncheons ,on Wednesday at noon, to represent 39 Serenity Place . Last week Danny L joined us and this week Delma W will be attending.  If you would like to go contact Sue L or Michelle P for details.  Everyone is welcome. Remember that we have been selected to receive the monies from the Lenten donations so it is helpful to share with people what we do.  Also on the horizon is an Al-Anon Workshop  tentatively scheduled for April. We also have exciting news that we are working on a sunscreen program for our members Details are not yer finalized so stay tuned. Chad W., Michelle P, and now Mario and maybe Delma W. will help us keep the clubhouse open in the afternoons. We have a lot of individual meal packages thanks to Francis,we have cable and wifi and of course there are quiet rooms if you need to do homework or Step work. Also people are meeting with their sponsors on a regular basis so consider that as well. The Friday Night meeting has started reading a new book : Experience Strength and Hope.  The first story was fantastic and brought a smile to everyone's face.  Stop in if your are curious. More next week....   thanks for taking care of the garbage Chad W., Michelle P., and Dante.

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