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This Week @39 Serenity Place

Hi Everybody,

This week we have really exciting news. We will be receiving a monetary donation from the donations received at the Lenten Luncheons being held at St. Johns Church starting March 4. We are blessed to have been considered and chosen to receive support from many of the churches involved in this event.We would like to express our gratitude and encourage our Clubhouse Members to attend one of the lunches. See Sue L for more details.

This week the Saturday Night Movie at 2pm is A Star is Born for anyone not attending the Area Day of Sharing. Three will be the usual pizza and popcorn and snacks and discussion led by Kenny B. Last week we watched I Can Only Imagine , a powerful movie based on forgiveness and acceptance. Sara M led the discussion and most people talked about the impact alcoholism/Addiction had on their childhoods. We had about fifteen people attend last week and a lot of new faces . Welcome to the movies Holly and Doug K. Thank goodness Danny L fixed the popcorn machine as everyone wanted popcorn last week. Thanks Danny. We have generated a new list of movies so if you have an idea let us know. Lois J is always on the look out for a good movie and has been coming up with some really good suggestions. We were surprised to see Willie M last week. Glad he is up and around and feeling better. Later that night some of us celebrated Delma's birthday with more food and another cake.

After the 1 pm AA Meeting last Sunday we had a real feast. Darlene N. made Tacos, Sara & Mike made Puerto Riccan Rice and Beans and Michelle made Baked Spaghetti, Char brought a tossed salad , and of course Ice Cream Steve walked in with a crowd favorite: Black Raspberry Ice Cream. It was Char B.'s birthday so we celebrated with a cake and sang happy birthday and she pretended to blow out the pretend candles. A group of card players sat at the table and no they didn't let Char win..... Thanks to Mike R we did not run out of food as he made a double batch of his dish. He did that so we would not run out of food. Thanks Mike at least Sue L didn't have to remind people to take a normal portion so everyone could have something to eat. Michelle P and Darlene N cleaned the entire kitchen and Chad W took out the garbage. Thanks for all the help everybody. It was great to see Kathleen and Karen M and Charlie C. and John F. last Sunday. This coming Sunday is a mystery but there will be food and by the way its Mike R.'s bday.... more cake

Not much went on this week but thanks to Michelle P for opening the clubhouse a couple of days, Josh S. for cleaning downstairs and Chad W for always keeping an eye on the garbage. We have had more food donations thanks to Francis so if you are in need of dinner or lunch stop by the clubhouse. Also thanks to Michelle P and Lois J. for keeping the Pantry stocked. Every little bit helps in the operation of the Clubhouse. The Store is not getting much attention so may go in a pout a few more things out. We also need help organizing the crafts in the attic. Talk to Sue L. if you can help.

Willie M is back in the hospital in Syracuse but should be released on Friday. Darlene N has a hurt foot and many people have been down and out with flu like symptoms. We have hand sanitizer all over the clubhouse Please use. it!

Although it is rare ,once in a while the clubhouse experiences drama & gossip which upsets some of our members. Please remember everyone is welcome and personal problems with individuals should be left outside of the clubhouse. Lets maintain a positive environment and stay in our own hula hoops.

More next week.........

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