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This week @39 Serenity Place

Hi Everyone ,

We are starting to adjust to the busy schedule at the Clubhouse as we are getting more and more people walking through the doors and better yet...participating in the activities and using the clubhouse during idle times.  A Sober Clubhouse was the vision of the founding members...  

Yesterday Chad W. went to the clubhouse had lunch, did some homework and some step work and waited for the meeting. While he was there  Robert J popped in for a minute . Chad also got the meeting ready for that night. This is just a small example of how people are helping themselves by using the clubhouse.  Other newcomers are at every event we hold and finding acceptance and a new way of living.  We schedule appointments with Melissa our Resource person to help new people navigate needed services, and hold  many 12 Step Meetings at the Clubhouse each day of the week. There are people on hand that help people on the verge of relapse and to help people walking through the doors  with a desire to get sober.  We have a great community of sober members giving back what was given to them so freely.  Check out our website  or our Facebook page 39serenityplace. Better yet, stop in  anytime... 

Although many of us will be at the Syracuse Round-up this weekend, activities ware still be held thanks to Sara M, Mike R and Delma W. The Saturday Night Movie at 2 pm is Smoke Signals . Sherri R is bringing the pizza and there will be snacks and popcorn. Sue L will  teach someone how to make the popcorn since she and Carl C. will be gone. Sara M will  lead the discussion after the movie.  Last week we watched Grace.  It was a great movie especially for new people as it detailed attitudes, behaviors and the progression  of acceptance in the beginning. It also showed the family reaction to the progression of the disease.  We had another lively discussion with about 20 people. Thanks for that selection Kenny B. an