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This Week @ 39 Serenity Place

Hi Everybody, 

We had another great week at the Clubhouse and just like that .... January is over and its time for the Super Bowl!!!

We have been so busy we did not plan anything for the Super Bowl but we have been getting calls so the Superbowl Party will go on at the Clubhouse.  Bring a snack and we will provide  some wings and pizza.   It would be good to know if you plan on attending so we can order enough food.  So far we have ten people interested. 

This Sunday February 2 we are serving a Pork loin and scalloped potatoes for dinner after the 1 pm AA Meeting. Thanks to Bob F. for donating the meat one more time. Darlene N is making the potatoes and we will fill in from there. Please bring a dish to pass if you can

as the group getting bigger and we keep running out of food.   Anyone want to bring dessert to go along with Ice cream Steve's Ice cream? 

The Saturday Movie at 2pm is  Grace. Kenny B. assures us it will be another movie you won't want to miss.  As always popcorn , pizza and  various snacks will be on hand.  Carl C. has been doing a great job keeping us supplied in popcorn and Karen M just found some bulk popcorn oil so we are set for a least a few months!! Sue & John B.have kept us supplied in pizza and Sue & Dan L pick up the slack when they can't make it. So if you would like to contribute to our snack table, please feel free.  Last week we watched  Ben is Back . If you have not seen this movie watch it..  lots of topics for discussion on many levels.  Again Kenny B. led another great discussion and had he let it would have gone on for a couple of hours!! We had 18 people at this movie and a few new faces too.  Everyone is welcome. Hope to see you there. 

Last Sunday we celebrated Sara M 25th Anniversary at the 1pm AA meeting.  Lois J spoke and discussed her many fears in early sobriety. In honor of Sara, Lois wore her Ribbon Shirt for this special occasion . Really thoughtful Lois . Afterwards we feasted on a Spaghetti dinner  thanks to Darlene N and Sue L. We had a large crowd and ran out of spaghetti almost instantly. Not the salad though! What is it about Willie M's salad anyway.... A big thank-you to Marie T. who helped get the dinner ready. Every once in a while no one shows up to help but we got it done and the dinner was so good we had very little left overs. Except for left salad that is.  After the usual crowd hung around and played cards and watched football.  Nice to see Divonna and Annabel return .  And whoever put the card players in the Meeting room thank-you!! Finally thanks to newcomer Josh who cleaned the kitchen and vacuumed downstairs. We appreciate your help.

On Saturday we held our first ever Volunteer Appreciation Event. We celebrated the work of thirteen people who have helped the clubhouse over the last two years.  The Board of Directors served dinner and dessert and lets just say Karen M. had Danny L. running non stop.  It was hysterical.  We treated the group to a dinner catered by Italian Affair and served cake and ice cream for dessert.  Each person was presented an inspirational coin specific to the individual .  We had a short presentation from our Board President : Sylvie M.  and concluded with a game where each person received a ten dollar gift certificate in appreciation for their efforts and support.  This is the first of the four events we will schedule this year.  Watch out... we may recognize your work next....  Thanks to everyone who helped out. By the way prior to the event Michelle P cleaned out the fridge to make room for leftovers over the weekend. .  Volunteers working right up until the event.  ! to thank them. !!

Last week Danny L held the first Golf Tournament Meeting .There is a nice core committee started but if you would like to help out let Danny know. As we get rolling there will be a lot of work to do.  Thanks to Carol H, Bill D., Mike R, and Memory D. for working on the preliminaries. Danny has also started a committee to address creating a positive  environment at the clubhouse where everyone feels safe and accepted.  We have already started squashing rumors, and gossip so the group is off to a good start.  If you want to be a part of this committee, talk to Danny L. Thanks for the vision Danny L.   Kindness Counts

 A huge Thank-you to Charlie C. for making us a new coat rack.   It didn't take long for people to  find it and start hanging up their jackets.  The more we get off the chairs the better! Thanks a bunch Charlie.  We received a call from Brian M who is trying to set up a drawing class at the clubhouse. How many people are interested and what is a good time for this activity. Remember you do not have to be artistic to get involved  ... take a chance and try something new.  Talk to Sue L if you are interested. 

Finally, we wish Willie M  well on his Open Hear Surgery this Friday.  If anyone would like to send him a card, he is at St. Josephs Hospital in Syracuse. Cardiac Unit. We have been in touch with him and he is remaining positive.   

More next week .... Don't forget about our Giving Tree. We have collected a lot of donations but could use more. Thanks for setting it up Michelle P.

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