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This Week @ 39 Serenity Place

Hi Everybody:  Its been another busy week at the Clubhouse which is a good thing ......most of the time.    This Sunday January 26 Sara M will be celebrating 25 years at the 1 pm AA Meeting and Lois J is speaking for her.  Will will have a Spaghetti Dinner at 2 pm. and of course Anniversary cake and Ice Cream Steve Ice Cream. Spread the word to come out and support Sara's milestone achievement and Lois J.  We are sure to follow the dinner with cards , crafts and football so there is always something to do... or anything else people want to do....   like clean the kitchen after dinner!  Saturday January 25 is also a busy day.  At 11 Am  the Clubhouse Board of Directors will be hosting the first ever Volunteer Appreciation Lunch with lots of giveaways  Fifteen Volunteers will be recognized for their contributions and efforts toward the success of the clubhouse. We have also invited back the Clubhouse Founding Members to participate in the event.  We are excited and cant wait to report back how successful it was !!!   Later that day(still the 25th) at 2pm we will continue with our Movie Series and will be showing Ben is Back with Julia Roberts. Of course there will be snacks and popcorn and a discussion immediately following the movie.  Last weeks discussion was lively and focused on feelings, denial and family reactions. If you attend it is important to stay and participate in the discussion. Sometimes people are triggered by the movies we are watching and its good to talk about it right away.  Kenny B. leads the discussion and welcomes all viewpoints . We watched Sarah T. Portrait of a Teenage Alcoholic last week.  Despite the movie being quite old, the topic and issues were pertinent to everyone.  We are averaging 18-20 people every week so come early if you want a good seat. Thanks to Sue & John B who brought pizza again. The week before we watched A Beautiful Boy . It was difficult to watch for some of us but the discussion helped us to process what we were feeling. We are also learning about patience and tolerance of a variety of viewpoints.  Win Win  Sometime this week Danny L will hold a second  Meeting with Committee Members interested in keeping a positive vibe in the clubhouse.  Although the clubhouse is positive overall.. our character defects sometimes emerge and problems seep out. We want the energy to remain positive so  the group is drafting a plan to encourage this attitude.  Thanks for volunteering Kenny B, Memory, Sarah M  & Mike R.  If you want to be on the committee or have some ideas see Danny L.  Last week, Carl C. celebrated  6 years at the 1 Pm Meeting and Memory shared her story. Despite the weather the room was packed.  Carl's Anniversary was scheduled for last Sunday but due to weather conditions the celebration was canceled  so we couldn't cancel again. Karen M made a turkey dinner and Darlene N. popped in with a salad and some subs. We had lots of food tha