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This Week @ 39 Serenity Place

Hi Everybody, 

Movie Night (Day)  this  Saturday January 11 at 2pm. We will be watching a Beautiful  Boy. There is sure to be popcorn, and soda,  some snacks  and who knows what else.  Last week we watched When a Man Loves A Women and it was a packed house.  20 people showed up and and never moved while the movie was showing.... it was that Powerful. Afterward Kenny B. lead a discussion for a lest half an hour and we concluded tissues were needed by many !!.  Some of us had other commitments or I am sure it would have lasted longer. Thanks to Sue & John B. for supplying the pizza again this week. It sure goes fast!!! We had lots of left over snacks and soda from New Years Eve and we managed to put quite a dent in the supply !!  We have already stocked up on the tissues for next weeks issues!!  A Great Big thank-you to Randy B. who shoveled and salted outside . We didn't even ask him to.... he couldn't believe it!! By the way, bring a friend to the movie was pretty successful... should we try it again?

This Sunday Carl C will be celebrating 6 years at the 1pm Sunday Meeting January 12.  Still waiting to hear on a Speaker but there will be a dinner and cake. Of course there is ice cream to go around thanks to Ice Cream Steve A.   Last Sunday we ate subs, hamburger helper, macaroni & cheese, and baked beans thanks to  Darlene, Delma W. and Karen M. We ate a little more  of the left over snacks and are happy to report we are down to a small table of food now.  Gaetan R. was missing but we did manage to get in two tables of cards  and hung around long enough to see John S. for the Veterans Mtg at 6 pm.  Joe S. is in Florida and people stepped up to clean the kitchen!  Thanks Darlene, Lois J. and Delma W.  Also a big Thank you to David D. who cleaned the kitchen from head to toe, including the microwave.  The kitchen was spotless by the time we left on Sunday night.  It was great to see Lori S., Alicia, Heidi A., Karen M.and David D. 

On Saturday Morning  January 11 we wold like volunteers to help us start organizing the upstairs room. We need Christmas Containers  carried to the attic as well as crafts and books. We will be setting up tables eventually so just carrying up the stuff would be great.  Sue L. will be looking for volunteers so ... don't go into hiding she will find you ......!  A reminder: She is in Al-Anon 

Last week we celebrated New Years Eve at the Clubhouse.  We were headed to the Dance in Canton but decided against it due to the weather. Despite five people cancelling because of the weather 12 people hung around to bring in the New year. At 7:30 we had our regular AA Meeting and then set up for some fun.  Michelle P almost didn't make it but rallied and was awake by midnight. Lois J. had on her dancing shoes and thanks to Sara M & Mike R. for bringing the horns to drive some of us crazy. Char B and Delma W. kept us entertained and awake as Sue L and Danny L  were counting down the time until they could go home!! Thanks to Randy B. and Michelle P for helping with the shopping and set up for the night.  The pizza and wings were devoured within the first hour so Mark R. and Carl C.  had to leave... just kidding... I know I forgot a few more people... again with the memory... New Years Day  many of us had a hard time getting going.  Late nights are not for some of us who are older... Anyway we did have a nice dinner thanks to Darlene, Delma , Sue L and left overs . The big surprise of the day was the return of Dusty R. and the doughnuts.  So nice to see you Dusty. Glad you stayed for a few card games.  We also were happy t see Sandy W. & Charlie C.   There was a table of Old timer card players. No talking just playing cards... can you guess who was at the table?  Gaetan R., Dusty R., Danny L and Bob M.... I guess that's the way they like it..  Thanks to everyone who set up and clean up .... I need to take notes or your name would be listed. 

On Sunday January 26, Sara M will be celebrating year 25 years at the 1pm AA MtgLois J is speaking for her and of course there will be a dinner,cake and ice cream.  For some of us... curbing the eating frenzy is becoming difficult!!    

       A few reminders:  Salt City Roundup  is the first weekend  in February. If you want to go let us know, there is still time to sign up. The Women's Mtg continues to meet every Thursday at 6 pm. and will be discussing Craft Night. There is a Men's Mtg without crafts at the same time!!We have scheduled a Clubhouse Board Meeting. If you would like to bring anything to the attention of the board let Sue L know. Sue L cleaned the bathrooms. Please try to be careful... it is not a fun job. 

Finally, to our new members Kathleen M. and Memory.  Welcome, So nice to see new people at our activities. 

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