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This Week @ 39 Serenity Place

Hi Everybody ,   Lots to share this week and lots of scheduled activities.... sit down John F  It will be  along one.. We will Serve Thanksgiving  dinner on Thanksgiving Day  at 2 pm. at the Clubhouse.  If you are able , bring a dish to pass, soda, water, or a dessert. Turkey , Dressing, Mashed, Sweet potatoes and Cranberry sauce  is already taken care of. Please let Sue L what you would be bringing so we coordinate with everyone.  We will be open all day for people to hang out, drop in, eat dinner or dessert... I am sure card games and Football will be the staple of the day!  Tonight is Craft Night after the Women's 6 pm meeting.  It might be a Spa night as Rebecca T. and Michelle P . set up a kit from all the nail polish Becky B donated. ( Some of that polish  is for sale in the store) I  hear Michelle P. has also made Banana Bread for the group  so we have a lot to look forward to .  Future crafts will be discussed so we can get some kind of plan going. As always men are invited to stay after than Men's mtg at 6 pm.... if they want to.  Saturday at 2 pm is Movie Night (Day) . We will be watching Flight with Denzel Washington. This has become a very popular event with about 17-18 people for every showing.   Carl C. will make the popcorn , Kenny B and Sara M.  will lead the Discussion after the movie and the rest of us will just show up.  Thanks to Sara M and Kenny B for starting this event and coordinating each weeks movie.  Last week we heard  When Love is Not Enough with Wynnoa Ryder had a major impact on some people.  Good movies with a message is the goal . If you have any suggestions  please tell Kenny or Sara on Saturday. Thanks John & Sue B for the pizza last week especially since popcorn man Carl C. was not around!!  Also thanks to the Club Member (who wishes to remain anonymous) for donating the popcorn oil ....    Big News  Active club members requested a larger TV and the Board has approved this expense!!   We hope to purchase the TV on Friday and have it up and ready for the Movies!! A Big thank-you to the Board.. As always on Sunday we will eat dinner after the 1pm AA Mtg.  We might have soup and sandwiches as Thursday is another big dinner.  Whatever you bring as a donation is appreciated.   Ice Cream Steve is not here this week so maybe ice cream......! Also, please remember to pay 50 cents for water and or soda and if you have a few bucks to donate toward dinner that would be appreciated. We always have coffee and a Water Cooler that is free to everyone.  We will have a card game and no doubt some football games to watch now that a large screen TV is on the Premises.!! Now for Last weeks Activities:     We had a great dinner last Sunday. So many people brought food and Karen M donated a whole dinner on top of that.  So much food that Darlene could finally take a break.. but she couldn't help herself and brought vegetables.  Thanks Mike R. and Sara M. for the rice dish, Michelle P for the Salad, Heidi A for the broccoli dish, Willie M for his famous Salad and Delma W for the Strawberry shortcake.  It was a packed house and we had two card games going as well as the football game, a few crafts, and conversations all going  . People were in every room  of the clubhouse... it was great. On Friday, St John's Church donated fifty folding chairs to the clubhouse . A big thank-you to Rebecca T. & Joe S., Delma W., Carl C., and Michelle P for helping move all those chairs to the clubhouse.  Also,  we were told we will be receiving a donation to help with Holiday Food and hope to give you more details about that next week.  Don't forget about the store upstairs . Michelle P and  Lois J have done a really good job putting it back together. Becki B just donated tons of nail polish you may want to look at in the store! Also thanks to Mark R and Carl C. for carrying endless boxes to the attic. One of these days every room will be organized~~ Finally we have a fantastic Raffle going on at the Clubhouse just in time for the Holidays.  I have included pictures . Tickets are $5.00 each and only 50 tickets will be sold for each Vera Wang Set .  Stop down to see how nice the Gift sets are.  Thank-you to the  Anonymous  Donor.  Good things keep happening to the Clubhouse.   Welcome to newcomers Kayla and Randy B. and welcome back to a few others ! More next week ..... note:  can't find the pictures to send.  Maybe tomorrow!!

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