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This Week @ 39 Serenity Place

Hi Everybody, 

Newsflash:  Movie Night Starts this Saturday November 9 at 2pm . So its really Movie Afternoon!!  Kenny B and Sara M decided it would be great to start right after the Massena Nooner  and we can arrange lunch if people are interested. Also, people will have time to get to their evening Meetings .  The movie is Flight with Denzel Washington.  Its a great way to spend a cold afternoon and the movie is great .Hope to see you there  Spread the word. 

Last Saturday we had a Successful Al-Anon Day of Sharing.   We were a packed house with a lot of happy people! In fact every group in our District was represented  ... it was great.  That is because we started the day with a Pancake Breakfast that was out of this world. Thanks to Karen M, Michael D. and Mary Jean.   We thought we were eating pancakes and bacon... instead we  had french toast, scrambled eggs toast oatmeal, cereal and fruit in addition to the pancakes and bacon.  It was so good we started half an hour  late to let the stragglers enjoy the food.  Not only was the  kitchen was spotless...lunch  was set up for the afternoon.  A big thanks to Karen for organizing the meals.   Louise T. , Eden, and Mike R. delivered very thought talks as well as the people who thanked them. Carol H., Albert G. and Sylvie M.   The biggest thrill of the day was when Chrissy from Canton who won the gift Card Raffle.  While many of us were buying 5.00 worth of tickets. Chrissy bought the last one and only one.  I think HP wanted her to win the prize!!   Delma W. helped set out the food for lunch and Delma W. Char B. and Sue L cleaned up  the kitchen .We ended on time  and people just hung around for a while... then the card game broke out when Gaetan R. walked through the doors.  A big Thank-you to Charlie C. who took home 6 bags of garbage for us. 

The Next day we had Taco Sunday after the 1pm AA Meeting. Thanks to Darlene.  We also had pea soup and grilled cheese sandwiches thanks to Delma W.  Char told Willie we were eating Spaghetti so he made his  famous