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This Week @39 Serenity Place

Hi Everyone ,  Another busy month at the clubhouse. !  Its hard to keep up.   This Saturday November 2nd is the Al-Anon Day of Sharing  and Pancake Breakfast.     Breakfast starts at 8am  and the Day begins at 9am.  Karen M and Michael D are on breakfast duty so you know it will be good.  Karen is even making homefries. For those stragglers we will make accommodations!! After all this will be Michael D.'s last Pancake Day in Massena!   We have a great line up of speakers including Louise T. , Eden T  and Mike R.  See you there.    Last Sunday we had a fantastic dinner. Bob F. donated a spiral ham and Michelle P made Scalloped potatoes and baked beans that were delicious.  Darlene popped in with baked Ziti and Char brought a tossed salad and rolls.... or course Ice Cream Steve A. had returned so here was plenty of ice cream to go with the cake as we celebrated  Marie T.'s Birthday.  Needless to say she was a little surprised.   Thanks to Bruce M and Joe S. for cleaning up the kitchen and washing all the dishes.  We always appreciate everyone's willingness to chip in. The big suprprise of the day was the card game.  No Gaetan R. and no Danny L.  So Carol H, Char B Marie & Louise T. played cards  while the rest of us talked away about who knows what and the football game was on but I am not sure if anyone was watching it! Then Rebecca T. decided to take people to a Meeting out of town so Brandee A., Melissa & Doug K all went to Potsdam later that night.  Impromptu  happenings really make the clubhouse come alive. Thanks Rebecca.  On Saturday 8 people from Alcoa came to the clubhouse to help us put up shelving, put in a closet door, and paint one of the rooms. This is a result of  one of the grants Darcy F. obtained for the clubhouse.  Once the project is complete Alcoa will send us a donation.  Thanks to Michelle P and Lois J for clearing out the Store Room and Mike R and Joe S for carrying the bookshelves to the attic.  Also to Mark R and  Carl for carrying all the boxes upstairs.   Delma will finish painting the room today and we will put the room back together.  Michelle P and Lois J already started putting the store back together and it looks great.We reorganized the Meeting room and will now move on to the second meeting room upstairs. By the way Joe S. help us with all the measurements and Danny & Sue L purchased all the supplies and spent Saturday with the AlCOA workers along with an appearance from Darcy F. Thanks Alcoa employees . You did a fantastic job On Saturday Night many of us went to the Halloween Speaker Dinner and Dance in Potsdam.  We were well represented and fro