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This Week @ 39 Serenity Place

Hi Everybody, 

We had a great trip to the Bill Wilson House last Saturday. Its hard to explain the spiritual moment everyone feels while there, its different for everyone. Rebecca T. summed up the experience in one thought. Gratitude for Bill Wilson.  The meeting was fantastic. At least 100 people from all over the country.  California, Florida, N.J. CT., Delaware N.H., Mass., NY ...  Delma even met people she knew from Rochester!.  Ask any of us who went about the Faucet and the Drain someone talked about in the mtg.  Of course we visited the cemetery and picked up a 39 year coin for the Clubhouse.  Sara M. left a medicine bag and Rebecca left a coin given to her by a recently deceased member of AA.    Lois J. and Mike R. had a great time and Danny L picked up a piece of marble walked on by Bill Wilson with a inscription that re: Walk the step with Bill Wilson .  We have a lot of stories about the trip so track us down if you want to hear more.  I can tell you the trip never gets old for us....

Last Sunday Michelle P. made a great meatloaf for the Sunday Dinner after the 1 pm AA Mtg. Tom S. was home on furlough and was the Speaker for the mtg.  Danny L. presented him with the marble as a gift for speaking.  Now we have to go back and get another one!!   Willie M finally returned and made a great salad, we had a little left over spaghetti. Sue L. brought  corn &  potatoes, and of course Delma's baked beans. So there is always enough food if you want to stop by  for a bite to eat.  Naturally, there was a card game. Danny L spent so much time with his sponsees he missed cards all together. . Looks like he is going to have to change those times if he wants to play  next week. 

 This week we are getting ready for the Alcoa Work Day on October 26 and could use help moving stuff upstairs.  Joe S. and Delma W. will help us measure for all the shelving but if that is something you like to do stop by we could use a hand with that too.  This is just in time for the Alanon Day of Sharing scheduled for Nov 2.   So far Mike D. has volunteered to help with the Pancake Breakfast but we need one more person.  Maybe Willie M will help us????  just a thought out loud. 

 Also we are starting a Movie Night on Saturdays(early)  . Start date and times to be announced as soon as Kenny B. and Sara M. work out the details.  We have lots of movies already lined up but if you have suggestions  let us know.  We figure this might be a good winter activity  for people.  Maybe impromptu dinners  are an option... Carol H just wants popcorn so we will have to get the pop corn machine going again..  Any other requests? 

John B  has already trained 21 people about  Narcan and will continue to provide this service as time allows.  If you have not been trained and want o be let Sue L know and she can make arrangements.  Michelle P. and Brandee A. are reorganizing the kitchen just in time for the holidays.  Don't forget about Craft Night after the Men's and Womens Mtg on Thursday nights at 6pm. It has been a lot of fun and the crafts are not difficult. This week Char B. h is in charge and next week  Michelle P has an idea.  Rebecca T.  is happy to have a reprieve for a few weeks.  Just show up with a few bucks  all the supplies will be there....   One week Lori S. suggested we make and decorate cookies for the Nursing Home Residents. Sounds like a great idea to me... be on the lookout for that activity too. 

This Sunday Sara M. and Mike R. are making Corn Soup and they are hoping they can get Lois J.  to make Fried Bread!! Who knows what Darlene will bring and maybe we can get Carol H to make one of her famous desserts and  Ice Cream Steve A. will show up with well cream.  

 On Saturday the 26 there is an AA Speaker Potluck dinner and Dance in Potsdam at the New Hope Church . A group of us will be going so if you need a ride let us know. 

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