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This Week @ 39 Serenity Place

Hi Everybody:   Hope everyone is enjoying the nice fall weather. Let's hope the weather and the foliage holds out for our Saturday trip to Vermont.   This Saturday we are headed to Bill Wilson's House in Vermont.  There is still room for more o if you want to go . So far 9 people have confirmed they are going. We leave at 8 am  from the clubhouse and stop for lunch, attend an AA mtg, visit the grave site and head home.  Bring your coin if you would like to leave or exchange one at he grave site .  Call Sue L if you are interested in going or just show up!  Tonight , Thursday is Craft Night after the  6 pm Womens Mtg.  In fact every Thursday Night is Craft night. Thanks to Rebecca T. for initiating the activity and Char B. and Lori S. for jumping in and helping with ideas.  The cost is never more than $2-3 and we usually are  done in an hour.  So if time is a doesn't have to be now!!   Last week we decorated candles... this week is a Halloween/Fall theme.  No need to sign up, just show up.  Men are included too!  On Sunday  October 1 we have asked Tom S. to speak at the 1pm  Meeting.  Tom is home on furlough and has a lot to share about his experience strength and hope . Stop into welcome him home. As always we will be eating after the meeting. Not sure what is on the menu but you can be sure there will be food!  On Sunday we will also be planning the Alcoa renovations for Saturday October 26. We have lots of good ideas and just have to narrow down what we would like done first. Hope to see everyone there.  Last Sunday we had a great meal thanks to Delma W.  Delma brought home all kinds of food from the Area Mtg. and then made a goulash  and pea soup. Lois J also made a pea soup both of which were delicious and Darlene made her famous subs which are always gone in a flash. We didn't see Willie M again this week  and week but hope he returns soon.  We miss his famous salad. Same goes for Ice Cream Steve...  Isn't it too cold to be out on that boat?  Gaetan R. was a no chow until 3:30 pm but Char B. Carol H. and Delma W. hung around and cards were on ...   On Wednesday , Carl C., Mike R, Char B., Michelle P, Danny L and Sue L all traveled to Saranac Lake to help a fellow member move furniture.  We were early and the move was quick so by 11 am we sat down to a wonderful lunch of Chili, salad and the best cornbread ever!  In fact the cornbread was so good we have requests to get the recipe!!  It was all so good we didn't have room for dessert and so we came home with homemade brownies and Donnellys ice cream!  We also came home with donation of 250.00 . A win win event !!  Although it was raining we still had a lot of fun and were pretty impressed Michelle P could  help carry a kyack out of the woods.  Thanks to all the volunteers. That night the Wednesday AA  meeting group enjoyed brownies and ice cream and then Michelle P.  Char B, Delma W.,  & Rebecca T. indulged after the Al-Anon mtg.   We also had a great lesson in a variety of mushrooms from Jesse  who owns and operates a Mushroom Farm.  Char B. was so interested she wants to set up a tour of the Mushroom farm in the spring.   Great road trip idea.   The Day of Sharing is Scheduled for Saturday November 2 at the Clubhouse.  The Clubhouse will serve pancakes from 8-am before the program starts.  Michael D. is on board  to cook and we have been asked to get John B. back well.  TBA.    We don't have an update on Movie Night that Kenny B and Sara M. are organizing but hope to by next week.   Do we have time for a trip to John S.'s ranch. We might be able to squeeze that in if the weather holds out.!     Finally , Thanks Michelle P for cleaning the Clubhouse bathroom and kitchen every week.  Also to Melissa , Brandi A. and Michelle P. who will be re-organizing the kitchen yet again... one of these days the organization will work!!   Also thanks to Sara M for representing the clubhouse ta a a Food Bank Seminar. We hopes she comes back with lots of helpful information.   More next week....... I'm sure 

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