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This Week @ 39 Serenity Place

Hi Everybody, 

I took some time off as I didn't have much to report last week...   but now I think I made a mistake ... there is a lot to report today!

First, tomorrow Joe, Carl C., Mike R., Char B., Sue L and Danny L are going to Saranac Lake to help move furniture and will receive a donation for the clubhouse for their efforts. We are leaving at 8 am and should be home late afternoon. If you would like to help us out... its not to late to sign up!   Be at the clubhouse at 8 am Wednesday Oct 2.  Thanks for volunteering everyone. 

Then this Sunday, Delma W. is making  Pea soup and Sue L. is making Macaroni & Cheese and whatever Darlene decides to make!!  Sometimes Heidi A. brings a great dish to, so it will be a surprise.  Hope you can make it now that the weather is getting a little cooler  activity should pickup.  And Ice Cream Steve should be popping in any day now if he can tear himself away from the boat. Maybe he will bring David D. with him when he does come back ....

We have been having some very good dinners at the clubhouse thanks to Bob F. always keeping us supplied with the main course.  Two weeks ago we had Spaghetti & Meatballs  , Darlene's Cabbage Rolls and Heidi A.'s Vegetable dish . Sue L made the Salad because Willie M was out of town.. no comments either but it was all gone at the end of the day! We had  Root Bear Floats for dessert  thanks to Rebecca & Joe.   There was a lot of card playing because Gaetan R. was there and Lois and Annabel starting cleaning up the store .. well Anabel did more shopping than setting up !!    The next week Sue L made Chili and Heidi A brought a spicy potato dish and Sara M. made fresh Salsa . Carol H and Becki B. brought cookies and we had... yep  Root Bear floats again!  Sue L did make the salad and to her surprise was told it was very good!!  She has achieved the Famous Willie M salad status although she is willing to relinquish it at anytime Willie M.   The crowd dispersed pretty quickly after the dinner so all that was left were the die hard card players  Carol H, Delma W., Gaetan R. and Danny L.  Sue L cleaned up because Cleaner Joe was out of town and  Nice to see a few people return. Welcome back Melissa and Brandi A.

The Women's Mtg and Men's Mtg on Thursday Night at 6pm is gaining steam.  Thanks to Rebecca T. for initiating activities after the meeting .  Two weeks ago we all had Root Bear Floats and socialized after the meeting.  The next week we designed  T- Shirts for the Clubhouse.  You can see them displayed on the chairs and on our Website. Pick a favorite or design your own for  a few bucks. See Sue L or Rebecca T. for supplies . About 10 people showed up to do T-shirt  designs which was great fun . Lori S., Michelle P, Lois J, Gabby, Char B. and Rebecca T were all very serious.  Sue L made a shirt specifically for John F. who requested we incorporate black into the design. Sara M. took home to shirts for her son Jamie to design:  One for older people and one for the  younger crowd. Great idea.  Rebecca suggested we all get together to make centerpeiecs for Thanksgiving.  sounds like a good idea to me... watch for details. and Thanks Rebecca  we appreciate your dedication to the clubhouse. 

Last night John B. held a Narcan Training for 11 people. Not bad for the first time . The training was short and enjoyable so the next time you see a training posted  think about attending.  We are shooting for some Tuesday after the 7:30 AA Meeting but have not scheduled anything yet.   Also check out the website and register right on line . While John B. was conducting the Training. Carl C, Danny L and Brandi A. were off to Ogdensburg  attending an AA meeting and representing the Clubhouse . We have taken a six month commitment to speak at AA Meetings so don't be surprised if we call on you to help us out. 

In two weeks  October 12, we are going to Bill Wilson's House in Vermont.  We already have quite a few people signed up but we have room for more if you are interested.  Let Sue L. so we can line up rides  if necessary.  We go every year and no one had ever been disappointed so if you have never taken the trip... think about it.  Its a beautiful ride in the mountains, a meeting with people from all over the country, a tour of the house and a nice lunch.  Two weeks after that, October 26 after that we will be working with Alcoa volunteers to make improvements to the Clubhouse.  We have several good ideas  and will be holding a meeting  this Thursday at 7pm.  to listen to everyone's ideas. 

On November 2 we are hosting an Al-Anon Day of Sharing and Pancake Breakfast. Michael D. is already on board to cook! and you know how good the pancakes were  last time.  Details for the Day of Sharing should be out at the end of this week. Hope you all can make it or encourage family members to come .The speakers are always great and  the food even better. 

Also in the works but not finalized, Kenny B and Sara M are working on a  monthly Movie night and discussion.  We have the movies so why not.  Movies being discussed are:  The Shack, Flight, Anonymous People, and a few others . Carol H suggested  a light dinner and late  Saturday afternoon or early evening . We will let you know what they come up with .  Hopefully that will start at the end of the month or early November.  So much to look forward too!!

Finally for those of you who remember Tom S., he stopped into the clubhouse a couple of weeks ago.  He will be home again in two weeks and we are hoping he will speak at the Sunday 1 pm AA Meeting.  He will be officially released the day before Thanksgiving and intends on becoming a an active member of the Clubhouse. You might remember Tom from the meditation and Music program  he started a couple of years ago. We hopr he is till on board to pick that program once he returns back to normalcy. 

Don't forget to sign up at our website and check a out whats going on. John B has worked very hard maintaining

 the website and making improvements all the time. If you have trouble signing up stop buy the clubhouse and we will help you. Also, don't forget we now have wifi at the clubhouse .Finally, we will writing a Sexual Harassment/ Code of Conduct Policy for the Clubhouse. It will  be posted by the end of the month.  

More next week........

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