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This Week @39 Serenity Place

Hi Everybody, 

We survived last week  thanks to all the volunteers helping us get through! Even John F was on hand to help out..... 

The Golf Tournament was a great success. We raised $3,000  for the clubhouse and the owner of the Golf Course said it was very well run for the first time.  He believes we can double in size in next year so thanks Danny L and Bill D. for putting it all together. Especially Danny L. who did a lot of the  footwork  the past three months and once again listened to the naysayers and forged ahead anyway!!  The volunteers were awesome .  Lori S & Mike R.  along with Keeley ( Rebecca T.'s Granddaughter) spent the day driving around refreshments to the golfers. Mike R. did get lost a few times but managed to find his way back after a while.!!  Thanks to Sylvie M who ran the Registration desk like a pro and to  Char B. who did the 50/50 and Willie M ran the Silent Auction. Sara M and Char B. also put together all the pictures of the golfers..  Rebecca T. took amazing pictures , developed them and purchased frames. Louise T. acted as MC for the Banquet and did a great job  talking about the Clubhouse and its beginnings.  Hats off to Char B. who organized the prizes, cleaned up and carried a majority of supplies to the cars.  We also would like to recognize  many Clubhouse Golfers who paid to play to support the Clubhouse and brought other people to play too.  Louise & Marie T.,  Delma W., Karen M., Mike D.,  Eddie S., George M., Danny L, Bill D., Mark S. & John F.. Alexis even popped in with her kids to say hi.  By the way Danny L loved the Pink shirt he was presented by a clubhouse member as a Thank-you ! Thanks Everyone  Oh by the way, we have a mtg scheduled for Noon on Sunday to discuss the golf tournament and suggestions for improvements.  Please try to attend o if you were part of this event. 

The Garage Sale was also a great success.  We made 600.00 which is unbelievable  since we did not sell anything over 5.00 ( except one item)   Of Course Lois J.was there heading up the clothing area , along with Me