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This Week @ 39 Serenity Place

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

Hi Everybody,

 This Saturday August 17 we are gong to Alexandria Bay  .. taking the Uncle Sam Boat Tour and eating at the Jaques Cartier  Picnic area on the way home.  The cost of the Boat Tour is 23.50  and lunch is 5.00 .  Heidi A. is making the lunch on Friday so we need an estimate of who is going. So far we have 12 people signed up so let us know if you want to  hop on board with this outing.  We leave at 9:30 am from the Clubhouse.  We hope you join us ... we had a blast last month so you won't want to miss this outing !!

The next day August 18, some of us will be Camping at Robert Moses State Park Site 49. We will have a Cookout after the 1pm AA Meeting at the Clubhouse,  Rides will be available from the Clubhouse. Bring a dish to pass if you can. That night Karen M is bringing her Outdoor Movie set up and we will be watching a movie and later  a campfire.  Come and stay as long as you want.  I am sure there will be some card playing in there too.  We are right on the water so we can see the ships entering the locks. 

Apologies to Bobby D. who spoke at Willie M., Lois J., and Delma W's Anniversary Celebration two Sundays ago. I forgot to mention him in the last report. I was told he was a fantastic Speaker .Thanks for inviting him to speak Willie and reminding me I forgot to include him in in the newsletter. 

Last Sunday many of us attended the Jim Brady Picnic in Waddington.  The food was great a usual and there was plenty of dessert to go around... that is until Bob M. arrived.  Charlie C was wearing the Clubhouse T.-Shirt designed by Jesse. It was great seeing all the sobriety during the countdown . Delma W. was distracted when she saw John F. walk in ... at first she wasn't sure it was him because he was not "dressed in black". He was wearing an orange shirt..way out of character for him. Karen M. who was also wearing an Orange Shirt said  it was planned!!  Just as we were about to leave Conor L walked in!  Was so nice to him and hear he is doing well in Syracuse.  Eddie S. also came in late and it was great to see him too.  By the way, thanks to Mike who stayed behind to open the 1pm meeting just in case anyone wandered in. Thanks for volunteering Mike.  Carol H. wanted to play cards so we went back to the Clubhouse and played until the Veterans Mtg at 6pm.   It was John S. Anniversary so we stayed for the Meeting and  ate more cake  while Danny L spoke.  Congrats John. 

The Golf Tournament  on September 15 at Cedar View Golf Course is shaping up. Each week we get a few more sponsors and donations.We are hoping we can make this an annual event so please consider helping out.  It is a great fundraiser for the clubhouse  Thanks Danny L for putting this together.   And the other fundraiser is the Garage Sale .  No details on this yet. We do know that Lois J will be there !! 

Good news: We’re planning an ACTION Grant with Alcoa. The grant is awarded to recognize Alcoa volunteer efforts in the community. Ten Alcoa volunteers will provide labor hours to complete projects we’ve identified, and Alcoa will recognize that volunteer work with a $3,000 grant to Serenity Place. We’ll need to provide the materials for the projects. We’re looking to add shelving to the library and store, as well as a computer station. If you know any Alcoa employees or retirees, please encourage them to watch for our event and sign up to volunteer! We’ll also gladly accept donations of materials for the projects, as well as ideas for other small jobs the volunteers could perform. thanks for all your help securing this Darcy F. 

 More exciting news:  We talked to John S  and we are planning our next outing to their Ranch.  He has lots of animals and a big backyard for a cookout.  We thought it would be great for people who have never visited a ranch . John told us his horses and the ranch have played a big role in his sobriety. We are happy he wants to share this with us.  Thanks John... a date will be determined soon. 

In a few weeks the Clubhouse will have been open 6 years. We sure have come a long way from the beginning years. 

More next week...  including a trip to the Bill Wilson House date... stay tuned

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