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This Week @ 39 Serenity Place

HI Everybody, 

Again its been two weeks since our last update. Sorry about that. Especially to Betsy R and Mark S. who  thought they were attending the Anniversary for Delma W. Lois J and Willie M. . There was a lot of confusion so we delayed the celebration for one week.  So next Sunday August 4 we will celebrate after the 1pm Meeting. We also found out Gaetan R. is celebrating 28 years  so we will include him as well.  He may not show up until 2- 2:30 but his name will be on the cake!   If we can get a camping site we might even hold the celebration  at the camp ground.  Don't worry card players.... you can play there too. The Meeting will be at the clubhouse so don't worry about the location.  Everyone will be at the Clubhouse first. 

Last Sunday Betsy R. brought Pulled Pork Sliders for lunch, along with Darlene's pizzas and Sue L's  fresh garden salad 

made a great meal. The food was delicious as usual . Lois J. brought a big dish of baked beans donated from the Congregational Church.We ended the meal with... that's right Ice cream that Jim R. donated.  He will be leaving for Las Vegas just about the time Ice Cream Steve A.returns from the sailboat.... we cut that close this year.  The usual crowd stayed around to play cards.  Joe  cleaned up the kitchen  and took the garbage out, Willie still working on his tan and we even convinced Tim B. to hang around for a while.  About 3:30 Rebecca Twalked in with Tim Hortons  coffee and doughnuts which was gone in a flash  even though we rationed the doughnuts out to Bob M.  Welcome Andrew .  It was great to see you at the clubhouse we hope you keep coming back.

Last week we had a Big surprise when the Village Inn Donated at least 5-6 dozen cupcakes to the Clubhouse. They were delicious. We put many of them out at the Meetings and of course .. maybe one or two were  left by the end of the week. Thanks for thinking of us!

Our August Trip is to Alex Bay on August 10 . We will leave early to catch a meeting and then will go on the Boat Tour to Boldt Castle. Are people interested in a lunch or picnic?  We will again meet at the Clubhouse to set up rides. Let Sue L if you are interested or have questions. Specific details next week.  So far 12 people have expressed an interest  so consider joining us for a nice day of fellowship.  Watch for specific times and cost next week. 

 Meeting News:  The Woman's AA Meeting is gaining  in attendance all the time. Two weeks in a row 16 people showed up. Thanks for starting the Meeting Sara M.  The Men's Meeting is  more stable as well.  Both are held on Thursday Night at 6pm.  Its great having two meeting rooms to accommodate more than one group.  Don't forget about the 7 pm Friday Night Meeting either. Stories are read from the Big Book . Thanks for that idea Delma W. The Wednesday Night Mtg at 7pm is being changed to a newcomer Mtg. If some of you Old Timers  would like to help out, let us know.   

The Golf Tournament is gaining Steam. We have been collecting donations and prizes from local businesses. We have hopes that this will be a good fundraiser for the Clubhouse to carry us through the winter.  We still need a lot of help so consider freeing your schedule up on September 15.   Our other September Fundraiser is the Garage Sale. We are once again overflowing .  No date or times for this yet but we will need help for that.  

That is it for now.  It is a bit slower because  of the summer months but feel free to stop by and keep the doors open.  We never know when someone will walk through the door. 

More next week........

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