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This Week @ 39 Serenity Place

Hi Everyone,   We had a great trip to Tail of the Pup last Saturday followed by Donnelly's Ice cream to put us over the top!! I am sure most of you have seen the pictures but if not check out our Website.  The pictures will be posted there soon. ( BTW:  we did get permission from everyone to post pictures!)  We took up three tables, struggled to accept the waitress and had to use our math skills to pay the bills. Despite the hurdles there was a lot of laughter and good times.  A total group picture was nearly impossible as people wander.... Just when we thought we had everyone Kenny B. was missing. So we took a picture a him coming out of the Rest room and said good Enough!  Thanks for letting us use your cars Sandy W., Sue L.  , RuthAnne ,and Willie M.   Next time we decided we should keep switching who rides in the cars so everyone gets a chance to talk to each other.  Good idea Rebeccca T.   Mike, Sarah, Heidi, Alicia, Sherry, Char, Brian and Kathy  are all looking forward to the next excursion in August.  Darlene who cooks on Sundays is also on board for August.   To our surprise when we returned home to the Clubhouse, people sat around for another hour and half talking.  Needless to say it was an early night for many of us.  So where are we going in August?  Alexandria Bay Boat Tour to the Castle.  Many of us have been there but we don't mind. It is great to spend time outside of the Clubhouse .Heidi has volunteered to organize this trip so we should have details by next week.  If you want to go and don't care when it is ... make sure Sue L knows so you don't miss out like Darlene did.  If money is an issue  make sure we know so we can figure something out for you  On Sunday Darlene made Spaghetti for dinner and Sue brought the salad ingredients for Willie M to make the Salad and yes it was all gone by the end of the day.  I wonder what the trick is to putting together a salad!!  We forgot to put out the dessert but no one seemed to care except  sugar fiend Bob M. Jim R. also brought a donation of Mac salad and fried chicken... that was all gone too,.  Sorry to theVeterans Mtg attendees who love eating the leftovers at their meeting. We were surprised to see Delma W. walk through the doors on Sunday just a week after major surgery.  She wanted to play cards,so we did.  We thought we were the last ones there but when we went outside people were still sitting around talking. So we decided to have a cookout next Sunday with burgers and saladsBring a salad if you can  hamburgs and hotdogs will be provided.  We will set up the tables and chairs early.  Last Friday Night after the AA Meeting , Rebecca and Joe invited everyone over to their house.  When we got there she had quite a feast for us . Great sandwiches and salad chips smores. etc.  Lots of water and soda.  Thanks Rebecca. We had a good time .It was great to see Lori S. and catch up... that is after she found her keys.. People had so much fun she is talking about doing it again.  Kenny B, thinks she should have a Speaker Mtg at her house.  Lets see what Rebecca T. thinks . The Golf Tournament planning is underway. It is scheduled for September 15th, Danny L and Bill D have done a great job getting all the preliminary paperwork ready and we are now looking for donations and have already secured a little funding . .  See the attached sheet.  If you have a suggestion please contact Bill D or Danny L .  We could use your help.  This will be a good fundraiser for the clubhouse and help us get through the winter months.  don't be surprised if we find  a job for you to do !! Maybe John F. will come home to help us out?   Our next Camping Trip is coming soon . Last time we had two groups pitch a tent and had more than enough room.  Maybe Karen M. will come  again...  that breakfast was so good!  We wont ask her to be the camping cook though... This time we will go to Robert Moses or Barnhardt.  A little closer fand easier for some people.  Then in August we will return to Coles Creek . Dates and times are all TBA  We have to work around the Alexandria Bay Trip !! Also coming up, Delma W and Lois J and Willie M. are celebrating  their anniversaries at  the Clubhouse on Sunday July 28.  Delma has 41 years and Lois has 10 and Willie 9. All three celebrated last year at the campground so we are making it a tradition this year.  Hope you can make plans to  come out and support them . Finally, we need some help at the Clubhouse .  Lots of donations  need to move over to the Old DMV for our Fall Garage Sale.  Joe has volunteered to help us but we need lots of hands to actually move the stuff.   Time commitment should be about one half hour.. consider helping!!  More next week.....

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