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This Week@39 Serenity Place

Hi Everyboody, 

Three weeks of timely newsletters!  I can hardly believe it. Not even a comment for John F and Eddie G today. Moving on.....

This Sunday February 25  Patti H is Speaking at the 1 pm AA meeting. If you have never heard her story  you won't want to miss it.  If you can't make it, remember we now have Zoom availability ( Call our clubhouse phone for the numbers or through messenger or someone you know.)  Thanks to Karen M  we wil serve a Pork dinner with mashed, stuffing, gravy, and peas & carrots and rolls. I am sure Delma W. will bring her weekly cake and The Pie Man David will show up with a lemon pie.  We hope Ice cream Steve is feeling better but we can still survive on the ice cream we have for another week!  Feel better Ice Cream Steve.  The Sunday 1 pm Meeting had decided to hold Speaker Meetings the last Sunday each month. Next up is Sharon M. from Potsdam who is speaking March 31.  We are looking for Speakers so if you are interested let Kenny B. know.  I wonder if Patti & Dave will bring the doughnuts?  Hey Pat O.,  Brisk Ice Tea Brian asked if you knew we were out fudge?  Sounds like a hint to me. 

The month of March brings many Anniversaries.  Danny L has 23 years March 9, Rachel has two years March 15 and Jabu  has one year March 16.  We may combine all of the aniversaries on the same day as they are all so close together. Also, Willie M will celebrate his Birthday March 17. You can ask him how old he will be!!!!  

Last week Sunday we served Lasagna and a salad. Sue L made the lasagna and Darcy F. brought the salad. Desserts included a  Delma W cake and The Pie Man David cherry pie. Erica's sister brought no bake cookies which were a hit and we can't forget Patti & Dave brought the doughnuts.  Ice Cream Steve was still under the weather but we had had more than enough ice cream.  Also we polished off the fudge that Pat O. brought in two weeks ago.  Thanks to everyone who contibutes to the dinner and also to all the  monetary donations. Also thanks to Kaitlyn S. for washing the first round of dishes and to Randy for washing the second round and taking care of the garbage.  It is sure nice to leave the clubhouse in spotless condition after one of our big Sunday meals.   The big news is Gaeton R.  He forgot it was Sunday and he had to be called to play cards. Of course he came right over...and sat at the table instantly. Gaeton R.,  Carol H, David D., and Danny L played cards and again I didnt pay attention to who won.!!  All I remember is that they loved the no bake cookies. You can always count on the card players to finish the dessert..  Welcome back Thomas and welcome Huntly. 

We have decided to hold the Pitch Tournament at the end of March to give everyone enough time to free up their schedules. If you want to play let us know. If you want to learn how to play before the tournament, Gaeton R and Danny L are up for cards any day of the week and willing to teach you. . We also are waiting on the Pancake Breakfast until George C. returns from Florida.   However, we  have firmly scheduled the Saturday Monthly Movie for April 6 at 1:30 pm right after the NA meeting. 

Easter is right around the corner and if you do not have any where to go, we will be serving dinner on Easter Day. We are hoping everyone can bring a dish to pass and we will provide the basics... ham and scallopped potatoes.  Start thinking about what you can contribute if you are able to.  Not sure but I always hear there will be an Easter Egg Hunt .... 

 more next week.....  shortest newletter ever! 

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