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This Week@39 Serenity Place

Hi Everybody,

I am as surprised as you that the Newsletter is getting out on time. (I'm sure John F and Eddie G are happy about that. ) On the other hand Gaeton R. and Danny L. have no opinion on the matter as long as there is a card game and someone tells them what time to be there. Old Timers!!!!!

This Sunday February 18 , there will be a dinner after 1 pm AA Meeting. What we will eat has not been determined. Does anyone have any ideas? Or for that matter any volunteers to do the dinner? I know we can always count on Ice Cream Steve, Dave the Pie Man and Delma's cake. Dessert is covered , its just the main course. Does anyone remember when Dusty brought the Doughnuts every week? Well lately, Patti & Dave have been bringing Tim Horton Doughnuts and as you can imagine the doughnuts are gone before the mtg starts!! Thanks for bringing back the doughnuts Patti & Dave. So the doughnuts are covered too!

This past week we recieved a $100.00 donation in Memory of Jacob Mitchell who passed away two years ago. Jacob used to come to the clubhouse and his mother frequently drops off baked goods on holidays or special events. Thank-you for the donation Jacobs Mother we always apprecite your generosity. We have posted her card on the bulletin board for all to read.

Last Sunday was a big Day at the Clubhouse. First, Darcy F. sponsored the dinner and cooked a fabulous Spaghetti meal and tossed salad. She also brought her homemade Maple Balsamic Dressing and all the toppings . The meal was a huge hit. Sue L brought the bread and cooked the spaghtetti . In no time at all the meal was ready, the dishes were done and everyone sat down to enjoy the meal. Thank-you Kathleen M, Darcy F. and Isabelle for washing the plates and silverware. Dessert was plentiful Delma W.brought a cake, Pie Man Dave brought an apple pie, and Pat O brought fudge and two containers of cookies. And no Ice Cream Steve !!! Once again we survived on leftovers and even managed to empty one ice cream container. Hope you feel better Steve. Sue L is thinking Vanilla Cherry sounds good. The Big news last Sunday ... Gaeton R. was the first one at the clubhouse so he could be first in line for the meal. So many first at the clubhouse but this one we will remember!

People left early to take care of business and return for the Superbowl that night. Some of us just stayed and started cooking ,cleaning and setting up for the night. Then there were the card players Gaeton R., Danny L., Sue L Jonathan S, and Delma W. Only one game was played because of time retraints but Gaeton R and Sue L were victorious! Jonathan S. made outstanding wings (he has a secret receipe) , John C ordered pizza, Dema W. made Pea soup and Corn bread, we had chips, dip and bread bowl and all the deserts. Many people chipped in for the food so thank-you. Fifteen people showed up and stayed until the end. John C fell asleep, Fr. Mark did some dishes to cope with the overtime, Pie Man David was on the phone the entire time the game was on, Joey S. showed up to watch the last half of the game, Carl mentioned he was glad the score was displayed because he really didn't understand football, Ray was trying to stay awake as it was way past his bedtime, and Gaeton R. kept asking to play cards.! Oh and Donny G sat in the quiet room ... yelling away at the TV. We think he was trying to out yell Delma W...... Then there was Mike C. who Kenny B told there was still time to root for the chiefs! Lots of fun and great game. Thanks to everyone who helped setup and clean up.

The Sunday 1 pm Meeting has voted to have a Speaker meeting the last Sunday of each month. So Patti H will be speaking on February 25 and the following month Sharon will speak on March 31. Anniversaries coming up in March include: Danny L 23 years on March 9 , Racheal M 2 years March 13 and Jabu 1 year March 16. Details on those Anniversaries next week.

Don't forget we have Zoom all set up and the Big Book Read The first 164 pages and Alanon Meetings are already hybrid. We will not be publishng the access codes but you can call, email or stop by for the info. Don't forget abaout the New NA Mtg on Wednesday at 6:30 pm. the Tuesday AA Mtg at 7 pm, Cork The Wine Noon Mtgs Monday - Friday and NA Mtg Saturday at Noon. There is a schedule on the front door, on our website and also FB page. Or call us for a schedule if that is easier. 315-250-7410.

Other news: Thanks for cleaning the Bathroom Kaitlyn S., waxing the floors Joanathan S. and taking the garbage out Pie Man David D.. We are going to schedule a Pitch touornament and I 'm not sure about Movie Day... stuff just keeps getting in the way!

More next week.

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