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This Week@39 Serenity Place

Hi Everybody,

Its been a while... again. ( I wonder if John F and Eddie G.  caught up from the last marathon newsletter!) NCFH Dennis on the other hand will read ,comment, and offer suggesions by the end of the day. Patti H and NCFH Dennis  are still laughing about the car ride home from the Clubhouse a few weeks ago. Patti treated the NCFH men to Tim Horton Coffee  and  was overheard at the Drive through telling the guys she always picks up men on Sundays... When she stopped at the window to get the coffee three or four employees were gawking to see who picks up  men on Sundays . There was Patti with three younger men in the car.... wonder what they were thinking.  Things are not always as they appear....   Then there was Dennis bringing the hotdogs back to NCFH. Ask him what he said aout that. ....

Super Bowl Sunday is a go at the Clubhouse.  We could not get a handle on interest so we are late getting the word out. Jonathan S has volunteered to cook the wings &  chilli  but were re asking people to bring a dish to pass or donation for pizza if they are able to !!   

Spread the word!! See everyone Sunday Night Even though the Super Bowl is Sunday , we will serve dinner after the 1 pm AA Meeting. We might serve something simple like Spaghetti and salad . Any volunteers to cook on Sunday? Donnie V.  has been cooking the last two Sundays and Jonathan S. was the week before

This week we have exciting news. We finally have  Zoom set up with the TV.S. Picture is good, sound is good, and speed is good. We were fortunate to have an Anonymous Donor who purchased the laptop and 2 webcams  and another Aynonymous Donor purchased Zoom for the rest of the year.    Thanks to both of  these donors who offered to help out. We are greatful for the generosity.  Two days later Pat O walked in with a Coffee Mug Rack . To Pats amazement there were exactly 29 hooks on the rack he made and  we had exactly 29 Coffee mugs .  Then Steve A walked in and handed us his dues for 2024.  Top Honors go to Steve for reminding all of us its time to pay our 2024 dues if we can.  Dues are not a requirment , it is strictly volunteer. However, it helps us pay the bills and keep the dooors open.  This is how were were able to move to a larger location so every penny helps.  If you can't pay dues maybe you can help in other ways.  See Sue L about  others ways you can help. 

The Big Book First 164 Pages Read has started again on MOnday nights at 6pm  We have justr finished the Dr's. Opinion and are ready to Start Step One  so there is still time to  s start the read with us. We have lots of volunteers willing to catch you up on the Dr's.Opinion.  Don't forget,  for some of you who cannot make it in person,Zoom is now available.  We also have invited Alanon participation and for the members who have attended its been worthwhile.  If you want more inofmation about Alanon participation,  contact Alanon members Patti R., Pam B. and Sue L. 

Last Sunday Donny V. made the best fried chicken we have ever had. It was so good , the chicken was gone in fifteen minutes!  Although we did have plenty of food thanks to Karen M. who contacted us to help out cleaning at the Methodist church. In return we recieved all the left over food from the dinner we helped clean up  .  And there was tons.... Most of it was gone by the end of the day especially since we  boxed up food for our Older members who are not aable to come out and our sick members who stayed away... Big thanks to Jabu, Kaitlyn S. and Sue L. for dropping everything and going in to help at the last minute.  

Also thanks to Demla W who always provides dessert . Last week it was a berry dump cake And of course Ice Cream Steve was there with Ice Cream and David D. is bringing pies every week. Maybe we should start calling him  Dessert David D.  !~  There was a card game with guess who?  Gaeton R. and Danny L of course, along with Delma W. and  Desert David D.   While they were playing cards, Pat S and Sue L were cleaning up the clubouse, taking out the garbage and sweeping the floors. Thanks  for your help Pat, it was great to see you at a Sunday meeting. We also had some newcomers.  Welcome to Tiffany, Scott A. and Randy and welcome back Heidi A, Tom S., Morris, and Ray .

The week before Donny V made Chicken Alfredo and we filled in with Ceasars Salad , french bread and yes baked beans!! It was a really good meal and nothing left over which is how we like it!! Delma  W. and a few people from the Calvary Apostolic Church sent over a slew of desserts that were gone in a flash.  There were cakes, cokies, brownies etc. and of course Ice Cream Steve Ice cream and Dessert David D pies We now have  permanent dessert room that sees a lot of traffic !  The week before this , Jonathan S. celebrated one year and cooked the dinner himself for his celebration.  He made two large pans of Sheppards pie . It was delicious and everyone went back for seconds !! Jonathan even missed pickleball to cook for the Sunday dinner.  Thanks Donny V and Jonathan S.  There were card games and I don't have a single note on the players.  The only thing we canbe sure of is that  Danny L and Gaeton R. were there. I do know Carol H was there one of those weeks.   I can't  forget NCFH Jimmy  for sweeeping and mopping two out of the three weeks after our dinners.  He also did all the dishes one week and cleaned the bathrooms. All without being asked. Thanks Jimmy and everyone who helped out the last three weeks. 


Jonathan S and Sue L cleaned the Community Center this month and we already have volunteers for next month It sure helps when people volunteer to help. Right Dennis ? Doug K is opening the Tuesday noon group while Jim R. is in the Nursing Home for Rehab. Thanks Doug.  Danny L brought a Meeting to 

Jim R. in the Nursing home last week and would like to do it again this week. He is looking for times that people may be available. Thanks Danny L.  And Clubhouse Memeber Eric F is  back on the road with his Truck . 

We are planning another Pitch Tournament for March and still want to get to the Saturday Movies.  There is also talk of a Pancake Breakfast and another Speaker Event but its in the works.  Until then we reiterate... if you feel sick or are sick... Stay home.   There is hand sanitizer all over the Clubhouse and masks if you need one.  

More next week... or the week after that....

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