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This Week@39 Serenity Place

Hi Everybody,

Yup its been busy ... so busy the newletter is four weeks behind! Make that five. Even though they look forward to the Newsletters,Tired Eddie and John F are sure to have trouble reading this newsletter all in one sitting. Do the best you can John and Eddie. We already know  North Country Freedom Home Dennis will have it all read today and give us report Sunday... just saying....

Next Sunday January 21 Jonathan S. celebrates one year!!  He has decided he wants sheppards pie for dinner and has even volunterred to make it. We think we will let him!  No other details yet so stay tuned for an update. Lets hope it doesn't snow again and people are able to come out and support Jonathon's one year achievment.  See you all there.

Last week was a difficult one . Thanks Pat O, Dave H., and Donny  for chairing all of the meetings at the last minute.  Well wishes to Jim R who inderwent by-pass surgery in Vermont (we do not have an update yet)and glad you are out of the Hospital Danny L. and on the mend. Still waiting to hear how Dave ( From the Dave & Patti Duo) is doing and we hear Patti H has now revovered from her pneumonia.  So has Willie M.  We hope Kathleen M is starting to feel better too.  So as you can see its been rough on the old timers. If you are sick stay home. If you think you are getting sick or were exposed to someone sick wear a mask. We also have lots of hand sanitizer available. Last Saturday Jonathan S. swept, mopped and waxed the floors while Sue L sanitized the bathroom,  meeting room and eating area.  Help us keep the clubouse clean . Service work or as NCFH Dennis knows, just ask Sue L to help you volunteer. 

Yesterday Januarty 14 , Pat O celebrated three years at the Sunday 1 pm AA mtg. Racheal gave Pat his coin but the speaker he had lined up was ill and had to cancel so Pat stepped in and told his story.  Thanks Pat and congratulations on 3 years. Pat just  wanted food at his celebration so we had lots of options!! He even left the cake option up to Pastry Chef  Stacey S.  Thanks Pat that... made it really easy!! We served mac & cheese , ham, pea soup and Boccoli .Stacey made a Keto friendly cake and we survived on ice cream we already had. Ice Cream Steve just could not make the Ice cream delivery today due to weather conditions.  Unfortunately it was a snow day all around Massena. Although we did not even get two inches, Canton,Potsdam ,Brasher Falls etc had lots of snow .. so many people couldn't get to the meeting. However , we still celebrated  Pat's achievment living one day at a time. It was just one of those days that culminated in  Sue L giving Jonathans one year coin to Pat .. we fixed that right away...  Thanks to all who were able to get to the meeting.   Of course after the crowd left , the card game was on with Curtis H., Stacey S, Carol H and Danny L.  They ended early and  I don't even know who won .

Next  Monday, January 22 at 6 pm. we start a new A Big Book Reading : the First 164 pages.  We already have people signed up but there is still  room if you would like to join us. Bring your Big Book and 12 & 12 and your sponsor ... if you have one.  We  do have a limited supply of Big Books and 12 & 12 but we don't have any sponsors!!  It is a great introduction to the Steps and would be well worth your time. If you want to know more about it ask others who attended... Patti R. , Donny , Pat O., etc  

On Saturday January 27 at 2 pm.  Saturday Movies return once a month. The First Movie will be The Bill Wilson Story.  Every month after that we will show current  movies with an addicton/recovery focus and then have an informal discussion.  Of course we are counting on you Lois J. !  Lois  always finds great movies for us to watch and makes a list for us to choose each month. . We have found this is a great way to spend Saturday afternoon  during the winter months. By the Way... there will be popcorn and snacks and an apple for  NCFH Dennis   

We have had some very good meals lately but I have lost track of the cooks and the food. I do know Delma W, Donny, Sue L, and Eric F were all involed in the planning and cooking. and of course Pastry Chef Stacey  was always there with a cake and Ice Cream Steve with.. you know... ice cream.  Nice to see you David D., Pat S., and all of the newcomers this last month. 

The Noon Meetings are hanging in there . We have a few" under the weather "Old Timers so  we are thankful Pat O., Dave H., Donny, Dave, and Delma W are picking up the slack and meetings remain open. The good news is all of the AA and NA Groups are getting organized holding monthly Business Mtgs and Group Conscience Mtgs and "electing" Group Reps, Treasurers, Secretaries. It has made a difference so thanks for intiating that Kenny B.  By the Way, don't forget about the new NA Mtg Dave H started on Wednesday  at 6:30 PM.  Also, a reminder there is a Tuesday AA mtg at 7 pm. 

December Recap: 

We helped clean the Episcopal Church in Massena the same day the Chritmas trees were brought in . Thanks to Char B., Josh S., Sue L. and NCFH Steve for heping to clean the pews. John F. enlisted the help of NCFH Nick, and "Sue helps me volunteer "Dennis  to  cut, carry and put up two massive trees at the Episcopal Church in Massena.  After the NA mtg NCFH Steve jumped in to help too.  At one point Nick, Dennis and Steve held a tree up for twenty minutes only to discover a new  larger stand was needed.  We couldn't see Steve but when we called him a  hand stuck through the tree so we know he was there somewhere. !! John F took the guys home and Sue L helped Mother Sonya vacuum the pine needles in  the Church. Thanks for volunteering even with the encouragement Dennis. Much appreciated .

A week later  NCFH Ryan and" Sue helps me volunteer" Dennis  helped clean the Massena Community Center for the month of December.  With three people we were able to complete all that needed cleaning. Thanks Ryan and "Sue helps me Volunteer" Dennis.   The next day for cleaning in January 30 and NCFH Chris has already volunteered and ... he did not need any encouragment Dennis!. In fact, after one Sunday dinner NCFH Chris was seen washing all the dishes. Thanks Chris.  NCFH Donny has also been a big help cooking for several of the Sunday meals.  He cleans as he goes which is always a treat  for us. Thanks Donny. Eric F not only brings food every week he also helps  clean up almost every Sunday and so does  Delma W. And although we have not seen Dillon in a while he was cleaning at the clubhoue all the time.  So now if I forget you in the recap .... we are covered for the thank -you 

I think thirty five people joined us for a Lazagna Dinner on Christmas Eve . We had two tradtional pans of Lazagna and Donny's Lazagna Primivera along with Ceaars Salad.  Delma W. heated up the cabbage rolls just in case we needed extra food. .. and we did!  Eric F. brought his homemade bread and we had tons of desserts as you can imagine.  Pat O. brought his fudge and oreo chocolate cookies, Delma W. a couple of cakes and a pie,  and Lois J a cake, David D a pie, and cookies just appeared from somewhere. Michelle P. brought a fruit and dip... and then there was ice cream.. and  Danny L made a cheese cake (Dennis  took home  a few piecesof cheese cake  and claims he shared)...   It was a real sugar fest we all enjoyed  The next day for Christmas about 30 people joined us for dinner.  Sue L  cooked a turkey, stuffing and mac and cheese, Char B. cooked a ham and deviled eggs, and green bean casserole and Eric F cooked another ham and more bread. Delma W.made scalloped potatoes, baked beans, David D. cooked the carrots  and there was broccolli. We ate a lot before we even tackled the dessert room. We ate so much ,' Sue helps me volunteer"Dennis  offered to help people start working out and and offered tips to loose weight. Was that before or after the dessert room visit Dennis?  We also played "The Game"  we always play around large gatherings.  Thank-you Char B  and Lois J. for getting that together and Char for orgnizing it.  Everyone wanted the big Bag that Gaeton R. acutally won but the big winner was Ray who won the money hidden in his gift. !!  Thanks to everyone for cooking, setting up, and  cleaning ., We had two card games going but don't ask me who won or who played.. The only thing you can be sure of is that Danny L., Gaeton R., and Stacey S. were in the mix.   

The next week New Years Eve Day ,  we celebrated Jim R.'s 52 year  Anniversary  with pizza and wings.  Jim bought all the food and a pizza cooker( he gave to the clubohuse)  that was fantastic. NCFH  Donny cooked all of the wings in in special sauce and NCFH Jonathan cooked all of the pizza.  It was really nice to hear from some of the Old Timers who were there to support Jim.  Congrats Jim  52 years is a long time!! We did not do anything on New Years Day this year.  So many people were getting sick we decided not too. However we kept the meetings open. ..

Other news:  The ornament class was a blast and lots of hard work. Thanks Mary Elman for the class. Mary treated each of the participants to a wooden Charlie Brown Tree to hang their ornaments. Thanks Mary.  We also want to Thank everyone who donated to the Clubhouse from the Mitten tree. It really helps cut down on expenses and appreciate those that were able to contribute. Zoom will be available by the end of the week.... we hope ... We had some monetary Holiday  donations and we are so greatful for the support. Thanks to Everyone.  Finally, there were three or four 12 Step Calls made over the holidays.  Thanks to those Old timers who didn't hesitate when the calls came in.  

If I have missed something from the last five weeks  I am sure " Sue helps me Volunteer" Dennis will bring to may attention.    

More next week......  

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