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This Week@39 Serenity Place

Sue Laprade

Hi Everybody ,

You know its busy at the clubhouse when we can't find time to get the Newsletter out on a weekly basis. We do have some very important newsflashes... read below....   

Dave H. is starting a new NA Mtg at the Clubhouse. The Meetings will be held on Wednesday Nights @ 6:30 pm  and the first meeting is this Wednesday December 13.  Spread the word!  Thanks Dave H. 

Congratulations to Rebecca T. who just celebrated 39 years .    Hope you had a great celebration in Florida. 

This Saturday December 16 @ 10:00 am  Mary Elman is teaching an Ornament Class at the clubhouse.  The ornaments are really unusual so you won't want to miss the class. We have room for a few more people so call Sue L right away and get signed up. All materials will be provided and the class is free. Thanks Mary.  Then Saturday  afternoon December 16 after the NA Mtg.  we will be cleaning the pews at St. Johns Parish. We already have a few people signed up but need a few more to help out.  Call Sue L  if you can help out.  

Of course there will be a Sunday Meal on December 17 right after the 1 Pm AA mtg.  Delma W. is making Pea soup and cornbread and a Delma cake which is becoming quite popular. Maybe Pat O will bring some cookies or fudge....  and  maybe we can get Donny to cook  something again!  If you can bring a dish to pass this weekend ... it would be great.  Especially since next weekend we will be cooking up a storm for the holidays. 

Maybe you have already seen the Mitten Tree on our FB page.  If not stop in and you wil see it the minute you walk in the door. Every year we ask members to  pick a mitten  off the tree and make the mitten donation .Things like toilet paper, paper towels ,coffee ,dish detergent, napkins, paper plates , candy, etc. These are the items we run out of all the time so your donation will help us defry some of our  expenses  especially since our monthly expenses have increased with the move to 84 Center St. Thanks to all of the people who have already donated. Every day the pile grows a little more ... yeah!

Last week we had a Going Away Gathering for Eddie G.  Thanks Donny from the Half Way house for cooking that superb Chinese Dish.  You know it is good when there isnt anything left to put away! Delma W. brought in some salad and baked beans and her cake(which was all gone by the end of the day) and Sue L brought the Bread.  Willie M brought doughnuts and the minute he walked in the door hands were going in the box. We gave Ice Cream Steve a bye as we have 9 half gallons of ice cream and the frezzer is out of room! Thanks to everyone who was flexible enough to change plans as Eddie decided to leave two days before the scheduled farewell so we had to scamble!  We are sure sad to see Eddie  go but wish him well on the path he is taking in his journey.  We are hoping he comes back for a visit and have decided we will hold his one year Anniversary and eat his cake , and pass around his coin, and sign his card... and ask him to Zoom in of course!.....back to the day    After the crowd thinned out Sue L and Delma W played  cards and Sue and Danny were victorious !! Dillon cleaned up the whole clubhouse again. Thanks Dillon we appreciate all the help you have given us. By the way welcome to all the newcomers Erica, Brandy and Brad.  Also welcome back Justin, nice to see you at the clubhouse. Oh did I mention John S and Delma W. started playing pickleball on Sunday mornings.  Anybody else interested?

The week before  we celebrated Dave H.'s One year Anniversary.  John C and John S cooked Lazagna and  Sue L brought the Salad and Bread. Stacey S.  and Delma W.  made cakes, Pat O brought Cookies and Ice Cream Steve does what he does best... he brought the Ice cream.  Eddie G. presented Dave with his coin and Kenny B.  was the Speaker.  Kenny gave a great talk on the the  12 Steps. Thanks for bringing literature into the talk and reminding us  to read the first164 pages.   John S think  he deserves extra credit for cleaning up after John C!!  Chris from the Half way house did all the dishes and Josh S. took out the garbage.  Thanks to everyone for pitching in.    Later that day the Card game was on Stacey S was back and she and Gaeton played Danny L and Delma W.  they each won  a game and had to call the third game because people had to leave. Maybe the crown will return  next week Stacey!! 

Other news:  Did you check out the Literature Christmas Tree at the Library? Sue L and Delma W. put up the tree  and the very next day three new people walked into the clubouse  who had seen our display.  We are going to see if we can keep a display at the Library after the Holidays. Thanks for Inviting us to put up a Display Friends of the Library.  We also held the first drawing of our raffles and David Power won the Boston Bruins Jersey and Nancy Smith won the ringtone Bird House. Big thanks to Darcy F who put that Raffle together. Also,  thanks to everyone who purchased and sold tickets.  Now onto the Quilt Raffle.  Tickets are 3 for $5.00 and  that drawing will be this Sunday December 17.  You can see pictures on our FB page or stop in at the clubouse where it is on display . 

The Clubhouse will be open of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We will eating dinner both days. If you would like to join us let Sue L know  so we can guage how much food to cook and more importantly how much dessert to make.   Please bring a dish to pass if you are able. there willbe some kind of game to play  , cards, and of course the football games will be on.  Watch for details next week.

 On the 26 we will be cleaning the  Massena Community Center and are looking for volunteers to help out. The Book Book Study just keeps growing . We are finishing up this session next week and will start again in January.   Let us know if you are interested.   

Finally best wishes to Patti & Dave, Patti H, Willie M. and Stscey S who are all under the weather. We hope you are all up and around soon.  With th e cold & Flu season upon us we encourage you to use the hand sanitizer which is availabe oall ove the clubhouse. There are also maskes at the sign in table. 

More next week.... ........ 

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