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This Week@39 Serenity Place

HI Everybody,  

Once again the clubhouse has been very busy mostly eating and and celebrating but thats what we do best!!  This week will be no exception as Dave H. is celebrating 1 year Sunday December 3rd at the 1 pm AA Meeting.  Naturally Dave has enlisted his good buddy and our favorite Chef John C to cook and he has decided on a Lazagna dinner.  Eddie G will present Dave with his coin and Dave has enlisted a Surprise Speaker  so I guess you will have to show up to help Dave celebrate and find out who the speaker is. Congratulations Dave...  see you Sunday.  

Last Sunday we celebratated Rebecca W.'s  32 Anniversary. It was nice to see so many people come out and support Rebecca living one day at a time for 32 years.  Wow.  It was a day to remember. First the cake only said 32 years as the person felt her hands were to shakey to write too much.  I told her this crowd would understand but the best she could do was write Yeah after the years.  People weren't sure if Rebecca had turned 32 which pleased her greatly or she had 32 sober years which also pleased her.  Then the coin disappeared during the meeting and Rebecca's daughter was quite concerned.  After about 15 minutes we found it. No one  had never ecxplained to the newcomers why we pass the coin around and a newcomer  just held on to it because he didn't know what to do!!  We ate  Sue L.'s Turkey Soup for dinner after the meeting and Thanksgiving leftovers along with Willies M famous salad. Of course desserts were over the top top with leftovers from Thanksgiving and the Celebration cake. We had so much dessert we decided to turn the  Sponser/Sponsee room into the Dessert Room on Sundays!! And as always Ice Creme Steve has has supplied the Ice Cream  There may be five flavors in the freezer we are working on. Big thanks to Dillon who washed all the dishes all day and  cleaned the bathrooms and swept and mopped the floors.  Eric F. emptied and took out all the garbage and Sue L . and Delma W. picked up the eating area.  Good to see you Father Mark  and Peggy W. and  Chris from the Half Way House.  Fr. Mark came for Rebeccas Anniversary and stayed and played cards with Delma W., Danny L and Gaeton R. of course. We think he came back to win as he left victorious over Danny L. and Gaeton R.  Stacey, still not there, has a lot of catching up to do. 

We had a great crowd on Thanksgiving Day. Its a good thing we cooked two 24 pound turkeys ( Sue L and Carol H cooked)  as 35 people showed up and we delivered  five takeouts. There was not a slice of turkey left, not a drop of gravy, and only a spoonful of dressing. We had the traditional carrot, green bean casserole, and squash thanks to Carol H , Sandra D., and  Peter, and we also had Sucatash thanks to Willie M.   Sue L made Mac and Cheese, mashed potatoes, and  cranberry sauce. We had garlic knots thanks Rebecca W., Hawaiin Rolls thanks Kathleen M., Homemade bread thanks Eric F.  baked beans thanks someone,  Deviled eggs thanks Char B. and gravey thanks Danny L.   I may have missed something.... then onto the dessert... Delma brought a dumpckae and a pound cake, Fr. Mark brought an apple pie and Ice creme , Peggy W. brough a pumpkin pie, and there were two more  pies, Ashley A. brought a Dirt dessert, Pat O made fudge and cookies, and yes Ice Cream Steve did not disappoint with more Ice Cream.  Okay so yes the Dessert is called dirt and it was a hit.  Keep cooming back with that Ashley A.   Ashley A., Char B, Delma W. Dave H., Caitlyn and Dillon all showed up to help set up for the day. Thanks you . It went real smooth until that last hour and then boom all was was right with the world again once we started eating.  Delma ,Sue, Dillon , Eric and probably a few more people helped clean up. I think Dillon stayed at the sink for three hours straight just washing dishes. A Huge Thank-you to eveyone who helped.  By the way Fr. Mark  stayed and played cards with Char B.  Danny L and of course Gaeton R.  I think Gaeton And Danny may have won. Stacey S. of course was not there to reclaim her title.  

Lets see, the Sunday before Thanksgiving we ate all the Chef John C. Italian dishes left overs. We had to clean out the fridge and freezer for Thanksgiving. the food was as good as ever. Spaghetti and Meatballs, Chicken Rigatoni, & Chicken Alfredo along with Willie's awesome salad. And we had a huge pan of cabbage rolls from St. Johns Episcopal Church.  Delma W made a cake ( I can't rememer what) , ice cream Steve brought... ice cream and there was some left over  Stacey S. Almond Cake from the freezer . Steve from the Half way house was around to play cards with Danny L, Pam B and Gaeton R. . Stacey had to work and has fallen to the botton of the winner pile!! 

The Saturday before we enjoyed a cabbage roll  dinner with the folks from St John's Episocapl Church.  Eddie G. shared his story and receved a standing ovation for his grace and humility while sharing his story. You never know who you will touch with your story and two young boys went to talk with Eddie  about an experience they had with their father. Thanks for representing the Clubhouse and North Country Freedom Home Eddie. The food was delicious and those who attended really had a good time. His Aunt had predicted he would end back in chirch but he never expected he would take this route!!  In fact we hear Eddie may sing at of the Episcopal Church. With so many people we were able to clean every room by noon . Thanks to everyone who helped. 

Other news:  We received three donations recently: thank you to Stephanie and John G all he way from Rome NY. who are  some of our biggest supporters. We appreciate the donation. We also received a donation from Al and Jackie H. Thank-you and good to see you back the Clubhouse. Also, from St.Johns Episcopal Church  another fantastic supporter of the clubhouse .  We are filled with gratitude . Many thanks. 

Other donations include the Boston Bruins Jersey and Ringtone Bird Feeder donated by Darcy F. ( who by the way made the bird feeder).  Darcy also set up the fundraiser. Make sure you get your ticket!! The drawing is December 10.  We also had another Anyomous Donation ... A Christmas throw Quilt that is getting a lot of attention.  Pictures will be posted on our FB and website for that fundraiser sometime tommorrow Wednesday Nov 29. Great gifts for someone if you win!! Thank-you to both of these people as well. 

Finally we have been asked to put up a tree at the Library and are looking for volunteers. We are setting up an ornament making day which will be taught by Mary Elman and we still haven't decorated the clubhouse. and we have December Anniversaries and Holiday plans so stay tuned.....  

More Next week. 

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