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This Week@39 Serenity Place

Hi Everybody,

Well John F is in town and he and Tired Eddie share the same enthusiasm for the newsletter... so here you go guys enjoy reading while you are out at duck camp just sitting... and sitting... and sitting! News Break: Tired Eddie isnt go to duck camp in the snow... maybe we should change his name to Powder Puff Eddie!

Brian M is celebrating his 39th Aniversary this Sunday November 5 at the 1 pm AA Meeting . And Chef John C is celebrating his 31st Birthday this Sunday too. We will be treated to a Stacey S. Almond Cake as John C requested that a month ago!! Not to worry.... Brian will enjoy a cake too! Maybe

Delma W. will make his cake ! We will be serving Chicken Rigatoni, Pizza and Willie M's awesome Salad along with other food donations for dinner. Like... who wants to bring chicken wings? Hope to see everyone there supporting Brian M's acheivement and wishing John C a Happy Birthday. It has been great seeing so many Old Timers dropping in the last month. Hope to see some of you at Brian's Anniversary. By the Way Andrew S is celebrating 36 years this Friday November 3 at the Noon mtg. And welcome to all the newcomers last Sunday: Amy, Camden, Dillon, and Donny .

Next week we will hold our annual Cabbage Roll Sale November 10 and 11th. Thanks to Karen M for helping us with her secret recipe! We have "Cabbage Rollers" all set for next week but we are loooking for volunteers to help sell and deliver on Friday and Saturday. If you can help let Sue L. know. Its a great fundraiser for the clubhouse. So far Char B, Michelle P., Sue L, Carol H, Delma W., and Caitlyn S. are on board but we need more help.

The following week Saturday November 18 at 5 pm . St Johns Episcopal Church has invited the Clubhouse and Halfway House to dinner at 5 pm. and Eddie G will share his story with the Parishioners. Thanks St. Johns Church of course we will be there. And thanks for reaching across the bridge to build a Community . Earlier in the day we will be showing the Movie: Bills Story after the Noon NA Meeting. Yes we have decided to start Saturday Movies with a Recovery Theme again but this time we will show movies once a month. Even earlier in the day we will be going to St. Johns Church to help clean the downstairs. We have being helping clean the church twice a year for a while now and don't ask us why but we do have fun..... so thats a lot to do on Saturday.... rest up. We are looking for some people to help clean. Maybe Jabu, Austin, Scotty, Dave or Jonathan can help us out along with Clubhouse members of course. Just throwing it out there guys !!!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and we will be celebrating Thanksgiving at the Clubhouse on Thanksgiving Day of course. Dinner will start at 2 but you can come earlier to watch the Football games ... or help set up for dinner. We already know Michelle P will be peeeling potatoes and carrots so if you have a special talent we are all ears!! Please bring a dish to pass.. Please let us know if you think you are coming so we can make plans for the amount of food we need. Also, we are looking for Turkey donations as we typically have a big crowd on Thanksgiving Day. For some of our members who can't get out we will bring a meal to you. Just let us know. By the Way, the following week Dave H is celebrating one year on December 3 at the 1 pm AA meeting. Make plans to be there.

We started another Big Book : The first 164 pages Read and have another group of twelve participating. We meet on Mondays at 6 pm . We have received Big Books and 12 & 12 Books donations from two Massena AA Groups and are very appreciative to have books for everyone. Thanks. There is still time to catch you up if you are interested in joining us. Spread the word. We will continue reading as long as there is a need.

Lots has been happening at the Clubhouse... if only I could get these newsletters out on time.... Here's a qick recap. Rebecca T. has been holding AA Dances the last three Saturdays. There is always food& Karoke and this past week there was a panel of speakers. Brian celebrated 36 years two weeks ago at the Friday Noon Mtg. Tom D. was under the weather so Brian told his story. . Who knew Brian was a hell raiser back in the day? Brian wanted German Chocolate cake and we obliged. That was gone in no time. Thanks for the suggestion Brian. Keith A and Thomas celebrated their one year Anniversary last Sunday. Eddie G gave a talk on the Big Book which created a lot of discussion. Thanks for stirring the pot Eddie. John C made Chicken Rigatoni and it was delicious. Stacey S made a lemon pie and Danny L made a Cheese cake as requested by Keith!! Delma W. brought in a Strawberry cake for Thomas, Ice Cream Steve A brought in a cake from his 23rd Anniversary that we didnt know about. Stacey S brought a Chockolate cake for Kenny B's Birthday last week and Pat brought in a big pan of his homemade fudge. Needless to say there are some sugar issues at the clubhouse as two pieces of cake and a few pieces of fudge were left at the end of the day . We did have 40 people attend but still.... thats a lot of sweets!! Thanks to John F and Delma W for helping set up the dinner and Eric F., Jonathon S. & Keith A for helping clean up. There was a card game but no Gaeton R. present. So Carol H., Andrew, Danny L and Char B. played and I don't know who won! The week before Gaeton R., Stacey S, Danny L and Delma W. played and Stacey S has regained her championship status.

Other news: Sue L and Eddie G cleaned the Community Center in Massena and received a donation for the clubhouse. Char B set up an ornament Craft Day and we made ornaments to give to residents in the Nursing Home for Christmas. We were thrilled to receive a sizable donation from Sandra Donaldson two weeks. Thanks Sandra. We appreciate your thoughtfullness.

Thought for the Day: In the middle of every difficulty lies an opportunity for personal growth .

More next week. ....

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