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This Week @ 39 Serenity Place

Hi Everybody,  We had another great week at the clubhouse.... stop in and join us any time . Carl C. is sure to have the popcorn going every day ! Last week we received an anonymous donation for the clubhouse which brings our total to $1200. since January 1, 2019. This is so exciting as we can relax on the fundraising for a bit and are able to offer things like guest Wifi , a new website, ... and much more.  Our Shattering the Stigma Series has helped us gain recognition so thanks to all the members who volunteered to speak and continue to do so.  Just last week, Doug M. was asked to sit on the panel for  Chasing the Dragon in Potsdam and from we heard was great.  We can't forget Bill D. who has been sitting on many panels since this summer and Sylvie M who never says no when asked to be on the panel.  Thanks for your service.  In addition to the financial donation we received bags and bags of clothing for our garage sale and for members in need of clothing for work. Thank-you Delma W. for arranging the donation from the Work Force in Malone. That should fit in nicely with the resume/cover letter service Darcy F. has provided and will continue to provide if requested. Just let Sue L know if you are in need of help entering the work force. We have services available to help you get started.  Finally we received another  $100.00 anonymous donation for our Sunday dinners.  The money was donated for pizza , wings  & soda this Sunday at the 1 pm AA Meeting. Darlene has already volunteered to make a salad and we are hoping to squeeze one more week out of Ice Cream Steve A., so anything else would be great.  Carol H. is back to making her delicious  desserts  but sweets are always welcome  !  If you can't bring anything and want to throw a few bucks in the dinner donation can for the following Sunday we appreciate it.  There is always something we have to run tot he store for at the last minute.  Last Sunday Rob G. from the Saugertties  spoke at the AA Meeting.   Sue L heard him speak at the Clubhouse Friday Night AA Mtg and asked him to speak at the last minute.  Rob was great and many were talking about his message after the meeting.  Karen M donated an entire dinner  to the Clubhouse and we enjoyed tuna sandwiches, mac & cheese, &  Macaroni salad. Then Darlene came in the cabbage roll casserole and Carol H brought her carrot cake.  Ice Cream Steve brought the ice cream and we polished off another carton.!  We had a great crowd for the afternoon. Of course Gaetan was there and the card game was on. Bob M , Danny L, Karen M, Carol H, and Carl C. all joined in the game. Rebecca and Joe stopped in and it was good to see Sarah and Mike return.  Randy even popped in for a minute!  We all left when the Veterans meeting started but not before John S. showed us pictures of his new colt.  We are thinking road trip to the farm some day as John always has a story to tell  or a picture to show us about his animals.   Thursday Alexis G., Sylvie M, Dan L. Bill D. and Sue L. all sat down with Marilyn Morely who is an outreach coordinator for the Northern District of NY. Marilyn presented her ideas and picked our brains for a wonderful brainstorming session about  ideas she has for approaching the  the drug epidemic in this area.  More on that later as some tentative plans were hatched on programs rolling down the road!   Marilyn did share with us that our Shattering the Stigma Series was shared with a few counties in downstate  and they were blown away  with our program!! Great news as we have already staring planning for the Fall.  Don't forget Back to Basics starts Sunday April 28.  Thanks to Becki B and Kenny B. who have generously donated their time to run the program.  If you have  not stared the steps , this program is a great stepping stone and if you have ... consider a refresher!  Either way it is beneficial. As Rob G. pointed out ... the Meetings are the fellowship but the steps are the program.  You need both in sobriety!! Also a reminder that we will serve Easter Dinner at the Clubhouse and all are welcome.  We will have an Easter Egg Hunt and promise to make it more difficult this year.  Thanks to Bob F. who has already donated a ham for the dinner.   More next week.......

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