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This Week @39 Serenity Place

Have you checked out our new website?  Let us know what you think  we are making changes  and adding new things every week.  If you have suggestions let us know.  Thanks for the feedback so far.  If you haven't looked at it  please do: . We also have guest Wifi.  There are directions on the bulletin board... !2 Steps For Guest Check-in .  We are hoping more  people will volunteer their time to keep the clubhouse open now that this option is available. Also, now that the weather is warmer people are starting to come out of their warm houses and activity is increasing.  People are even smiling!!  Stop in and see us.  This Sunday we will have a Spaghetti Dinner thanks to Bob F.'s meatball donation. We are hoping to can get Willie M. to make one of his famous salads to go with it. Of course Darlene will bring something as she loves to cook and so does Becki B.  Ice Cream Steve has us all loaded up on ice cream as he may not be here this week.  The dinner is after the 1pm AA Meeting and there is always plenty of food.  Stop in if you get a chance.  Gaetan R.always strolls in about 1:30 pm has a bite to eat and  sets up his card table and waits for three people to sit down.  If you don't know how to play, don't worry... he will teach you.   Last Sunday we had a Taco Dinner thanks to Darlene and Spanish Rice from Becki BDelma brought baked beans that were delicious and homemade bread and Roxanne brought a great Potato Salad. Thanks Everyone, the food was  fantastic.  Charlie C. liked the bread so much he brought home a  loaf to make french toast!   Sue L. hauled out six half gallons of ice Cream from Steve A. donations.  The sweet black cherry was a favorite and gone in a flash...  We are getting spoiled though as I overheard someone putting in an ice cream request!!!  Welcome to Roxanne , Laurel , and Roxanne's son who had just been released from Rehab.  Not a bad place to be on your first day out.  Also a big welcome back to Lois J .  We missed you all winter . Last Saturday we hosted our first Pancake Breakfast and what a success.  Thanks to Micheal D., John B., and Joe  for setting up cooking and keeping the hot coffee going.  Also for leaving the kitchen spotless .  We also want to Thank Bill D. for lending us the griddles.  They are great... do we have to return them?  We had such a positive response , we might set up another pancake breakfast in April ... Is anyone interested?   Then we hosted the Al-Anon Day of Sharing and welcomed thirty people to our clubhouse.  Many had never been to the clubhouse and were very excited about all that we have achieved.  Despite the great Speakers, Clubhouse Members Michael D., Sara M, and Eric F. , the Highlight of the Day belonged to Willie M..  Willie won the only raffle we held that day, $250.00 in gift Cards.  We all became instant friends!!  Thanks for donating $40.00 in cards to the Clubhouse Willie.  Last Thursday we held out last Speaker Series Session. Thanks to Sylvie M, Alexis G. and her  Mom for speaking. It was great and a wonderful note to end the series on. 37 people showed up for the last session and despite the crowd, no complaints... the Speakers were that good.  Also thanks to Sue B, Carol H and Sue L. for bringing food for the refreshment table.  We always appreciate their last minute help.   We  are already making plans for a Fall Speaker Series so if you have suggestions or would like to be on the planning committee let Sue L. know.   I received word yesterday that the Series was so  impressive it might  be replicated in the Albany Area.  Now that is a feather in our Cap!!  Last week we received a 7 dozen egg donation  from a Speaker Event attendee who wanted to do something for the house.  The eggs were so colorful who knew   you don't have to color eggs for Easter! We were also contacted by a Girl Scout Troop who would like to do something for the Clubhouse so stay tuned for that project. And a Local Church contacted us and asked for ideas for donations.  Then this week we received an Anonymous monetary donation  and will provide more info on that next week.   It is all very exciting for the Clubhouse and certainly takes the pressure off the fundraising.  Don't forget Darcy F. is still available to help with Resumes, Melissa our Resource person will be back in April if you are in need of assistance and the Clubhouse is starting to stay open more regularly.  Carl C. has the clubhouse phone so if you have a question  please call.  Carl receives phone calls every week and we appreciate that he  volunteers to keep the phone and field calls.  That and make the popcorn for meeting and clean the machine!!  Maybe that's why the NA Mtg and Al-Anon mtg  is so popular... Carl makes sure both meetings have  popcorn! Last week we participated in the Chasing the Dragon, Celebrated Michael D.'s Anniversary, held the last session of our Speaker Series, hosted the AL-Anon Day of Sharing, held a Pancake Breakfast , and had dinner on Sunday. Whew!  some of us need to take a breather . So we did .  There will however be more next week.... . John F. 

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