This Week @ 39 Serenity Place

Updated: Oct 12

Hi Everybody! 

I seems  This Week  @ 39 Serenity Place has turned into This Month @ 39 Serenity Place! There usually is not a lot to report as the Clubhouse has very limited traffic due to the Pandemic.  It will most likely remain this way for a while longer.  However there is some news to report! 

There is currently one AA Meeting open at the Clubhouse. Tuesday nights at 7 pm. Jim R. has volunteered to open a second Meeting on Thursdays at 10 am. starting November 5.    Also, an Al-Anon Mtg will open up on Wednesdays at 7pm. starting October 13.  Meeting sizes are limited to 8-10 people, a mask must be worn, hands washed and temp taken and  questionaire filled out.  Chairs are set up 6 feet apart and Keurig Coffee is available.   Sounds like a lot but it goes very quickly.   We have noticed that the people who have not been on line for the meetings are attending the in person meetings.  The on line meetings are still available to some of our higher risk members or those not wanting to attend in person at this time. Either way meetings are available  to everyone.   Check out our website for all the details!   39  John B. has done a fantastic job keeping the website up to date and  including help hints .  Thanks John. 

A couple of weeks ago Gary M held a very successful Fabulous Fall Finds Garage Sale with the help of Kenny B., Cuza G., Michelle P., Lois J.,  Sue L., Char B., Delma W., Becki B., and Jim C.   Thanks for spear heading the Garage Sale Gary and thank you to all those people who helped along the way.   It is always amazing how much is sold and how much we have left to sell. In fact we are considering holding a clothing sale  in the near future so we can move out the abundance of clothing we have accumulated.   Watch for details. 

We finally have the results of the Golf Tournament and are happy to report the Adam Love and his team from Whalen Davey & Looney won first place and the $300. prize . His team donated the money back to the Clubhouse and we are thankful for their generosity.  Thanks to everyone who helped with this fundraiser as well.  We hope to return to a normal Golf Tournament next year 

We would still like to do a  Sunday dinner and meeting and have secured a larger location to do this. We are working out the details now. If you would like a dinner but not interested meeting in person, take out will be available.   We will also have a similar arrangement for Thanksgiving. We hear Willie M already has a Turkey !!  

If you would like to use the Clubhouse for small gatherings please contact any one of the board members. We have had requests for people to gather and do crafts, play cards etc. and that seems to be working out okay. We have a person to clean  so that the building  is sanitized after each use.

By the way we are always cleaning the clubhouse and organizing and could use some help.  Now that it is getting cold people might be available. If you are one of those people contact Sue L.   We might even organize a work Saturday where each person is in their own room.  However we can do it safely so if  you have a suggestion let us know. 

Finally, thank-you to all of our member who continue to donate and support the clubhouse  Recently John F. Maire & Loise T. and Kathleen M.  made donations . Thank-you for helping us make through the year


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