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Newsletter for 2021/06/14

Sue Laprade12:09 PM (11 minutes ago) to Hi Everybody, Good News we are opening up a few meetings at the clubhouse! This week the following meetings will start this week June 14 so spread the word!! As always use the back door entrance and parking is in the back of the building. We can use your support as there are some new people who may be attending. Monday 2 4:30 PM Alanon Tuesday @ 7:00 PM AA Thursday @ & 6:00 PM Alanon We are still continuing the On line Meetings Monday - Friday @ 7:00pm use the gotomtg App and enter code 856476517 Also this week Cuza G is celebrating two years on Wednesday June 16 on line at the 7 pm Clubhouse Mtg . Use the gotomtg app and enter code: 856476517 Congrats on your two years Cuza. See you Wednesday ! We have been considering bringing the Sunday 1 pm Clubhouse Meeting Back to the Beach and followed by a picnic. Is there any interest in the outdoor Sunday meeting? Let Sue L know if you would attend. We are slowly resuming normal activities at the clubhouse and would like to hear from our members what they would like to open up first. We thought the Sunday meeting might be a good start. Last Saturday Josh S. volunteered to work at the Episcopal Church and help build a shade garden. What a great opportunity to give back to the Church who sponsored two dinners during the pandemic and included the Clubhouse members. Thanks Josh the garden looks awesome!! We are still celebrating Anniversaries and on June 2 Kenny B celebrated 12 years. Congrats Kenny. Kenny had a great speaker from Ohio that night . He was so good , many people would like to meet him!! One of the benefits of online meetings!! Idf you have an Anniversary coming up and would like to celebrate on line or in person ... let us know. We know Delma W., Lois J and Willie M are coming up on and Anniversary so watch for the details. Over Memorial Weekend Gary M. organized a Garage Sale for the clubhouse and made $413.00. Thanks Gary M. Also a big thanks to Mark M., Becki B., Michelle P, Lois J., Josh S. and Willie M. It takes a lot of work to put on the garage sale and these folks stepped up while many of us were off camping that weekend. We appreciate the dedication. Finally we have to clean up and organize the Clubhouse as we have been closed for 15 months. Thanks to our HP we have been able to pay the bills during this time! We figure we are meant to stay open but we need your help to gear up to full speed by the fall. If you are able to spare a few hours let us know> Hopefully I can resume these newsletters more consistently with more news and updates!!

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