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39 Serenity Place 2-21-2019

Sue L. I hope everyone had a good week ... with this weather and constant ice, people  have told us they would rather stay home warm and safe from a fall!!   It should warm up this weekend so we hope you all come out for the upcoming events . Tonight  Thursday February 21 @ 7pm at Horizons Youth Club  Shattering the Stigma Speaker Series continues  with Bill D and Doug M. who will be sharing their stories from Dope to Hope.  Please consider attending to support Bill and Doug and bring people you think would benefit from their stories. We have the room to fit many people  and there is food.... lots of it. Thanks to Karen M.   This is the 4th presentation in our series and so far we have had excellent feedback so you won't be disappointed.   By the way  a big Typo last week....  we received a $100.00 from a participant not $1,000.00