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39 Serenity Place 2-21-2019

Sue L. I hope everyone had a good week ... with this weather and constant ice, people  have told us they would rather stay home warm and safe from a fall!!   It should warm up this weekend so we hope you all come out for the upcoming events . Tonight  Thursday February 21 @ 7pm at Horizons Youth Club  Shattering the Stigma Speaker Series continues  with Bill D and Doug M. who will be sharing their stories from Dope to Hope.  Please consider attending to support Bill and Doug and bring people you think would benefit from their stories. We have the room to fit many people  and there is food.... lots of it. Thanks to Karen M.   This is the 4th presentation in our series and so far we have had excellent feedback so you won't be disappointed.   By the way  a big Typo last week....  we received a $100.00 from a participant not $1,000.00 📷 This Sunday February 24   we will be  celebrating two Birthdays .... Char B. & Delma W. after the 1 pm AA mtg.  Thanks to Bob F. for donating a Pork Loin for the dinner.He has one condition.. Willie had to cook ... so Willie the Cook is back and will be preparing the dinner . Please bring a dish to pass. Last Saturday  we had an impromptu card game with two tables going at all times.  Gaetan(G.R.) has been great getting the card playing going consistently. Carol H Carl C Willie M. Sue and Danny L, Tony M.,Char B.,Delma W.,and Gaetan R all played cards and enjoyed a a great lunch thanks to Bill D. Bill donated a platter of sandwiches, Baked Ziti and Lazagna all left over from a training session  Thanks for thinking of us ... we ate it all. 📷 Of Course the following day we had a nice Dinner after the AA Meeting.  Darlene from Brasher Falls brought in a big pan of Macaroni and Cheese and Sue L.made Pea soup and Tomato Basil Soup. We had more than enough to eat and lots of cookies to go with Ice Cream Steve A.'s weekly donations. We also welcome many newcomers and were happy to see Tony M return.  Welcome to Eric and Tony and Jose .  Tony had such a good time he contacted us to make sure we would be playing cards this Sunday  We assured him that was a constant on Sundays.  That and lots of a other activity.  Stop in if you get a chance.  We have lots of new faces .Of course Kenny B. always brings  people from the Half Way House and we want to thank  Virgil  for always cleaning the Kitchen on Sundays  He even makes sure Kenny B. brings back his empty To Go containers!!  Thanks Virgil. 📷 This past Wednesday Gaetan again got a card game going with the help of Danny L.  We had enough for two tables but people did not all come at once so it was a revolving door.  Sue L.  put out snacks and the card players protested but then ate everything up. Carl the Popcorn Man did his thing and made enough popcorn to go around.  Even for Sue L and Ann M. who had a Meeting in the middle of the game. So nice we have so much room to spread out and have multiple activities going on.   Soon after the Al-Anon Committee met to plan the Day of Sharing and before you knew it the AA Wednesday Night Meeting convened.  It was a busy Wednesday at the Clubhouse.   We like it that way so if you or a group want to use the Clubhouse, contact a Board Member and request use of the building.  If you are not a member you will have be sponsored buy a current member or maybe you would want to join!!   📷 Thanks to Kenny B. who from what we were told did a fantastic job representing the Clubhouse at the Ogdensburg Correctional Facility.  Maybe he can be our new spokesperson. Just a thought Kenny!! Also as mentioned before,Darcy F. has volunteered to help people with their resumes. So we will be setting that up in March. We already know of a few people who want help so if you  are interested let us know.  Thanks Darcy We are hoping to get Rob G. to speak on AA Anonymity late March or early April .  Watch for the date.  It might clear up a lot of mis-information out there.  It did for us when some of us discussed the topic with him.  We heard that Kenny B and Becki B. might be planning a Back to Basics Class so once confirmed we will pass on the dates and time.   This Sunday( Feb. 24) some  of us will be travelling to the Canton Sunday Morning Meeting .Heidi C. will be speaking for the Groups Anniversary.  Look for the flyers in he Clubhouse.  If you need a ride , let Sue or Dan know.  More next week......

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