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39 Serenity Place

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

HI Everybody!   GOOD NEWS  The Board of Directors has agreed to open the Clubhouse on a Trial basis.  We will begin this Tuesday August 25 at 7pm .   This will be a Hybrid AA Meeting . Anyone who wants to participate virtually will still be able to by signing into gotomtg app  and using the code:  856-476-517 (or go to: and click on the links to go to the meeting).  So spread the word especially to those people who could not participate in the virtual meetings.   This is what you can expect when you attend a meeting:   1. A Face mask must be worn at all time.  No mask no entry   2. Your temp will be taken at the door. Indications of a fever entry  3. You will required to complete a short questionaire.  4. Upon entry you will be asked to wash your hands 5. Sign in (for contact tracing)  6. Coffee served by one person and everyone will be required to to put their coffee cup in the dishwasher.   7. Chairs have been set up six feet apart so please sit in one of the designated chairs.    Please help us ensure the safety of all of our members by following these simple guidelines.  On  Sunday August 23 1 pm Mtg will be held at Barnhardt Beach in our usual place.(turn right into the parking lot and and look for the trees past the buildings )  Bring a chair your own beverage and a dish to pass.  We will bring all the paper products, gloves, and hand sanitizer.  This will not be a hybrid mtg . We are going to try and hold Sunday meetings outdoors to accommodate a larger crowd.   So lets see how this goes for a couple of weeks and then we can evaluate where to go from there.  Let us know what you think in the meantime.  Other news:  We may be holding a watered down version of our Golf Tournament . We are working out the details this week. Becki B is also planning on holding a Garage Sale along with Gary from Potsdam. There are also plans for a virtual garage sale with curbside service.  This should be scheduled for some time in September.   Willie M suggested a Drive by BBQ  so that is in the  works too.  It would be great to see people for a minute  so let us know if you are interested in helping from afar!  More Next Week ...

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