Christmas at the Clubhouse


How and what to donate to the Clubhouse, this


We are trying to open the doors back up again, and will do so, as soon as it is safe again.

In the mean time we need donations.

If you would like to donate

(click on the 'Christmas Donation' button)


(follow the directions on the 'Announcements' page to send s check, money order or cash).


Donate an item (or items) from our 'Giving Tree', and  help us to carry our message to others.

Please and Thank You!

You can deliver items to Danny L or Sue L or to

Massena Family Practice, 173 E. Orvis St, Massena.

(Located next door to the Clubhouse). 

Thank you in advance!

Giving Tree


Needed Items:

  • Masks.

  • Hand Sanitizer.

  • Big Books.

  • Twelve and Twelve Books.

  • Other Recovery Literature Books.

  • Paper Towels.

  • Toilet Paper.

  • Paper plates.

  • Kleenex. 

  • Cleaning supplies.

  • Money toward expenses.

  • Money toward a new Vacuum Cleaner.

  • Volunteer to open the online meeting and be a greeter.

  • Volunteer to Chair an online meeting or two. 

  • Cash (cash, credit card, debit card, check or money order) donations.


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